Guy Throws His Dog’s Toy Onto the Second Floor Thinking He’d Test Him, and It Completely Backfired

Internet star Curtis Lepore got more than he bargained for when he filmed his dog Watson chasing after a stuffed ball. The dog owner likely thought he was simply testing the pooch when he decided to throw the ball from the first floor to over the second floor balcony, but as Curtis's TikTok video proves, sometimes things don't quite go as planned.

In the clip, we see Watson itching to grab his ball from Curtis, who throws it over the balcony and turns the camera as Watson smartly runs up the stairs. Rather than the video ending as expected, with Watson running back down the stairs, yellow ball in tow, hilarity ensues. With Watson out of sight, a lamp flies off the second floor balcony and crashes to the first floor, shattering into pieces. And though it's slightly unclear as to whether the lamp was thrown by someone sitting up on the balcony as a funny stunt or was actually a result of Watson speeding to retrieve his ball, Watson delivers with a guilty yet sassy expression from over the balcony's edge.

However the making of this video went down — whether planned or organic — it's hilarious. Watch the whole video on a loop above.