This Man Brought Home the Wrong Dog From the Groomers, and His Wife's Reaction Is on Point

You know that phrase, "If you want something done right, you'd better do it yourself"? Well, CoCo Salazar, a mom from San Jose, CA, is feeling that concept on a deep, personal level. Recently, she shared what happened when she sent her husband, Rudy, to pick up the family dog, BooBear, from the groomers. Spoiler alert: he came home with the wrong dog.

"Everyone tells me I do too much and [I should] have my family help out," CoCo wrote. "So after a 15-hour work day over Christmas my wonderful husband says, 'Honey, What can I help you with?' I said, 'Well you can take BooBear to the groomers for me.' And this happens. He comes home with the wrong dog . . . they gave him a dog named CoCo because he said I'm helping my wife, CoCo. Best husband ever!!!"

CoCo's son immediately uploaded the clip of his dad with the wrong dog to TikTok, and naturally, it went viral. Although CoCo hasn't shared an update on Facebook, we can only assume Rudy returned the imposter and came back home with BooBear. What's that they say about the best-laid plans again? Watch the video for a good laugh and possibly a minor heart attack.