This Man Scared the Heck Out of His Dog Simply by Wearing a Onesie, and I Just Can't

Although most people don't usually adopt pets as a safety measure, I have to admit that when I'm home alone at night, the fact that I have a 100-pound black lab laying around makes me feel better. However, as one dog owner recently learned, having a large breed doesn't necessarily mean they'll have your back when danger comes a-knocking. In a now-viral TikTok video, a man dressed up in a onesie crawls on the floor in an effort to scare his skittish pup Kylo, and based on the video evidence, it certainly worked!

As soon as Kylo's owner rounds the corner, the poor dog makes a clumsy run for his life. And not to be judgmental, but he looks a bit like Road Runner from The Looney Tunes Show. With the perfectly timed music, it's hard not to laugh. While we never want our pups to get totally spooked, the funny clip went utterly viral, amassing 62,000 likes thus far. Fingers crossed Kylo was rewarded with a treat for his troubles!