I Choked Back a Sob Watching This Sweet Shelter Cat Cling to His New Owner

Kate Saman, a cat owner who makes tons of TikToks featuring her kitty, Theo, recently shared footage from when Theo was adopted, and it's so cute, I actually choked back a sob. In the video, Kate can be seen holding kitten Theo, who is clinging to her like his life depends on it. The audio of the clip, which is captioned, "a video of my cat adopting me," is mainly composed of Theo's adorable meows and Kate comforting him, telling him it'll be OK. At one point, Kate looks at the person who's filming and says, "I've never been this in love before," and if that doesn't sum up the sweetness of the animal adoption process, I don't know what does.

Kate shared another TikTok of her time at the shelter with Theo, in which she says there's no way she can't adopt him because he wouldn't even allow her to set him down. Theo is a bit older now, and according to Kate's TikToks, he gets in the appropriate amount of trouble for a typical cat, but their initial union is something truly beautiful.

See Kate's original video above and the clip of her announcing she's adopting Theo (complete with funny captions and slow motion) ahead.

Kate's TikTok of Her Decision to Adopt Theo

Kate's TikTok Captioned, "My Cat Adopting Me"