I Could Watch Videos of This Cat Baking in a Mini Chef's Hat All Day Long

Although my cats tend to loaf around all day, there are some seriously talented kitties out there. Case in point? This adorable 1-year-old orange tabby named Princess Honey Belle who loves to help her human whip up tasty treats.

Donning an impossibly adorable chef hat — which you can buy on Etsy for $33! — viewers get to watch as Princess Honey Belle makes a batch of honey cakes in a heartwarming Instagram video. "Honey cakes are a purrfect sweet treat to have with tea, or anytime! 🍯" reads the caption. Factor in the relaxing music, and we could honestly watch this clip on a loop all day.

Judging by Princess Honey Belle's Instagram, this isn't the first time she's gotten creative in the kitchen with her mom. She even cooked up a delicious-looking pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving! Take a look ahead.