When Its Owner Burned Muffins, This Cat Knew the Smoke Alarm Was "Not a Drill"

Even if you can sense it's coming, the high-pitched sound of a smoke alarm is always, well, alarming. In a video shared to TikTok by a cat owner named Amy who had just burned a batch of muffins, the shock of such an alarm is evident, not by the defeated look on Amy's face, but by her cat's Scooby-Doo sprint out of the room upon hearing the noise.

Although Amy's post remains captionless save for a TikTok hashtag, #fyp, the short video is perfect without the additional commentary (though the overlay of the Teriyaki Boyz's "Tokyo Drift" is indeed a nice touch). Watch the hilarious viral video on a loop above — we hope this sweet cat got a few treats for its troubles after this!