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Airbnb Contest to Stay Overnight in the Louvre Museum 2019

You Can Win a Sleepover at the Freakin' Louvre Museum, and I'm Wholeheartedly Shook

Airbnb Contest to Stay Overnight in the Louvre Museum 2019
Image Source: Airbnb

If you grew up obsessed with the Night at the Museum movie series, you're going to flip out over the latest news from Airbnb. The company just launched a contest that allows two lucky people to stay overnight in the Louvre Museum to see if the sculptures really do come to life once the sun goes down. Yes, the Louvre, as in that superfamous monument in Paris that houses some of the world's most renowned works of art, including the "Mona Lisa." This may sound too good to possibly be true, but it's very real and most definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity if I've ever seen one.

Airbnb's Night@ franchise is hosting the contest in honor of the Louvre Pyramid's 30th anniversary, granting one winner and their guest up-close-and-personal access to the Paris museum's masterpieces — without all the usual selfie-stick-toting tourists around. On April 30, the two art-lovers will first be greeted by an art historian who will guide them on a personal tour of the grounds (which is something that only the likes of Barack Obama, Beyoncé, and JAY-Z have done, BTW). Following the tour, the pair will then enjoy a drink while sitting in front of Leonardo da Vinci's one and only "Mona Lisa" painting (cheers, Mona!), and chow down on dinner in the presence of the "Venus de Milo" statue. To cap the night off, the contest winners will lounge and sleep under the museum's Instagram-famous glass pyramid in a mini lookalike version.

I'm sure at this point your eyes are wide in disbelief and you're wondering, "OK, how the heck do I enter this contest?!" All you have to do is visit before April 12 and answer the following question: why would you be the Mona Lisa's perfect guest? Easy enough, right? Before brainstorming your answer, check out a sneak peek of what the experience will look like below, and you'll definitely feel inspired to come up with the most creative answer possible.

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