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Animal Cafes in the UK

The Most Popular Animal Cafes in the UK Deserve Your Undivided Attention

Don't have a pet, but dream of feline or canine cuddles? Animal cafes are your everything. Across the UK, you can find cute cafes with their own cute and fluffy inhabitants. There are plenty of cat cafes where animal-lovers can enjoy a cuppa and a snuggle with a cute moggy (British enough for you?), and there are an increasing number of dog cafes to indulge your fondness for pooches, too. You'll also find ones that promote the calming influence of cats and re-home strays, too. From pop-ups for breed-specific dogs and their owners to petting cafes where the bundles of fluff live on site, we've rounded up the best animal cafes across the country. Get scrolling and start planning your visit.

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