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Bobby Pin Uses

These 10 Bobby Pin Hacks Will Change Your Whole Life

If I reach into the bottom of any bag I own, I'll come up with at least one or two bobby pins. You never know when you may need one — even if you don't use them in your hair. There are some pretty amazing life hacks for bobby pins, and since they are only about $1 to $3 per pack, it's wise to have a few handy at all times. YouTube user CrazyRussianHacker — an expert at finding multiple uses for common items — created a video detailing 10 awesome bobby pin tricks you need in your life. Check out a few examples ahead, and watch the video to see them all in action.

Money Clip Hack: Keep your cash together with a bobby pin instead of a money clip.

Toothpaste Tube Hack: Use the bobby pin to squeeze every last drop out.

Bookmark Hack: Keep your place in your book with a bobby pin.

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