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Cheap Starbucks Drinks: 7 Fresh Options Under $5

These 7 Creative Starbucks Concoctions Will Make Sipping Sweeter and Are Under $5!

Starbucks is beloved for its variety of beverage choices (not just the Pumpkin Spice Latte, regardless of what PSL stans try to tell you). Whether you need a serious caffeinated boost or you're craving one of the more dessert-like drink options, the coffee shop has something for everyone. That said, buying Starbucks every day can be tough on your wallet. If you are looking to spend a little less but still want to satisfy your daily cravings at the fan-favorite coffee chain, you might assume you'll be stuck sipping plain, black coffee or tea. But that's not the case. The cheapest Starbucks drinks you can order have surprising range.

There are regular menu items that come in under $5, including smaller size options of the Pink Drink, a Coffee Frappuccino, or a Blonde Vanilla Latte. But a Starbucks barista also shared the best customized options that aren't always advertised, and that may let you get a little more for under five bucks. Whether you like fruity beverages, chocolatey concoctions, or creamy creations, whether you're into sipping something cold and refreshing or wrapping your hands around a cup of warmth, these delicious drinks are worth every penny.

Note: Prices are for tall-size drinks. Prices and selection may differ in different geographic locations.

Additional reporting by Emily Co, Jenny Sugar, and Naomi Parris

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