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Fake Cliff in Brazil Pictures

This "Cliff" in Brazil Makes For the Most INSANE Photo Opps — See For Yourself!

Get ready to make some edits to your bucket list, fellow travel junkies, because we've just stumbled upon a crazy destination that's sure to snag the No. 1 spot. Nestled away off the coast of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is Pedra do Telégrafo, a hiking trail that offers quite the stunning ocean views — and one of the most popular photo opps in South America. The seaside trek features a particular "cliff" that's constantly flooded by tourists who wait in line to take pictures while "hanging" off its "precipitous" edge.

So what gives with all the excessive quotation marks? Well, the cliff actually isn't a cliff at all, as the famed rock is only about three feet off the ground. But when a photo is snapped from the perfect angle, cropping out the rocky ground below, it makes for quite the optical illusion, fooling viewers into thinking that the visitors are on the verge of a near-death experience.

Through the years, the spot has gotten some well-deserved attention on social media — so much so that apparently it can take anywhere from one to SIX hours to wait in line for your turn to snap a picture. Ahead, check out the most breathtaking (literally — they'll probably take the breath straight out of your lungs because they're that crazy) photos of the popular destination.

Additional reporting by Tara Block

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