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Here's How to Handle Contact Lens Issues

Forget RBF, Here’s What Life’s Like If You Have ILF

Uncomfortable contact lenses can put a dent in your daily routine. That’s why we’ve partnered with OPTI-FREE® to share how keeping your contacts clean will make life’s most memorable moments infinitely better.
We're constantly warned about the dangers of RBF, but now there’s a new subconscious facial expression to worry about: ILF, or Irritating Lens Face. Contact lens wearers are all too familiar with the eye twitch that comes with lens irritation and its uncanny ability to transform life’s sweetest moments into a comedy sketch. From blundering through hiking with friends to accidentally giving your date the stink eye, read on to discover how ILF can put a crimp in your favorite activities — and how a little clarity is the key to enjoying every moment of your life.

Binge-Watching Your Favorite Show

When you’re binge-watching the latest season of your favorite show, your eyes should be free to widen in shock at the unexpected twist ending or shed a single, cathartic tear for that heartwarming reunion instead of blearily trying to discern if the shapes on the screen are people or shrubbery. Instead of allowing ILF to ruin a perfectly good streaming session, use OPTI-FREE® Contact Lens Solution to thoroughly clean your contacts and provide much-needed moisture to dry eyes. After all, your attention should be directed towards the screen instead of your lenses!

The First Date

If the eyes are the windows to the soul, it’s best if yours aren’t uncomfortable on your first date. Nothing kills the mood on a romantic rendezvous like blinking furiously to dislodge dust from your lenses as you attempt to gaze passionately into your partner’s eyes. Without ILF, you can confidently ogle your date without the threat of smudged mascara or irritated eyes.

Hiking With Friends

The best way to cap off a challenging hike is admiring the view from your destination — but ILF can easily transform a stunning panorama into a blurry swirl of shapes and colors. Instead of only appreciating the fraction of the scenery you can make out through your watering eyes, give ILF the boot, and take in the entire vista. Looking at the scenery with a fresh point of view will make the outdoor adventure infinitely more enjoyable.

Credits: Illustrations: Bijou Karman

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