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How to Feel Rich Without Spending Money

50 Ways to Feel Rich Without Spending Money

You might be low on the dough, but that doesn't mean you can't feel like a million bucks. There are plenty of ways to feel rich without spending any money at all. Whether you're seeking an adventure or just want to look a little glam, we have you covered with 50 ways to feel as wealthy as a star without the A-list income.

  1. Pile on all of the jewelry you own.
  2. Take turns giving deep tissue massages with friends.
  3. Give yourself a luxurious facial with items from your kitchen.
  4. Paint a piece of furniture with leftover paint and make it new.
  5. Grab some free perfume samples at a department store.
  6. Repurpose clothes by embellishing with old jewelry.
  7. Give yourself a manicure.
  8. Pull out your cloth napkins at dinnertime instead of the paper ones.
  9. Monogram just about anything, You can use a needle and thread, paint, or a marker that you already have.
  10. Take the time to give your hair a quality blowout.
  11. Go to a local art gallery.
  12. Listen to classical music over dinner.
  13. Wear your fanciest underwear on a typical day.
  14. Turn your bathtub into a spa with lots of bubbles.
  15. Create a library in your home by putting all your books in one place on display.
  16. Need some downtime to read a book? Instead of going to a park, lounge around in a luxurious hotel reception area.
  17. Go to a museum on a free admission day.
  18. Blast "Fancy" by Iggy Azalea in your room all day.
  19. Take a stroll through the nicest neighborhood in your city.
  20. Download the free Kim Kardashian: Hollywood game from the app store and live a virtually lavish life.
  21. Use soap and water to clean your jewelry and make it look sparkly new.
  22. Chill your glasses in the fridge before using them.
  23. Give yourself a fresh trim and get rid of split ends with this tutorial.
  24. Treat yourself to a foot soak in hot water.
  25. Forget pajamas, lounge around in your comfiest robe on a lazy Sunday, hotel style.
  26. Play Monopoly and try to win big! Pretend money is better than no money.
  27. Who needs an interior designer when you can rearrange your own furniture for a fresh look?
  28. Get dressed up and go on a photo shoot with friends.
  29. Shine your shoes.
  30. Tailor your shirts to perfection with this DIY video.
  31. Carry your dog around with you . . . everywhere you go.
  32. Use baking soda from your kitchen to give yourself a teeth whitening treatment.
  33. Go window shopping. Sometimes just being in a store soothes your need to buy something new.
  34. This chic DIY up-do tutorial will make you feel like you just stepped out of the salon.
  35. Try on evening gowns at your favorite department store.
  36. Fresh flowers spruce up any space. Go pick flowers outside your home until you have enough for a bouquet.
  37. Put all of your favorite heels on display in your closet.
  38. Pick out your dream engagement ring at Tiffany's. You know, to help out your future fiancé . . .
  39. Trade in your old clothes for a whole new wardrobe at Buffalo Exchange.
  40. Swim in your public pool late at night; it will be your private oasis.
  41. Shine up rusty chrome on car parts or kitchen appliances with leftover aluminum foil.
  42. Contour your face so well it will look like you hired a makeup artist.
  43. Set your table — proper silverware included — to make your meal a little fancier.
  44. Put your college diploma out on display to remind yourself how wealthy you are in knowledge.
  45. Take a free boat ride on your birthday.
  46. Enjoy your full library of free symphony music.
  47. Iron and starch all your clothes for a freshly dry-cleaned look.
  48. Go to your local library and check out the magazine section. There's usually tons of good reads for free to delve into for a day.
  49. Create your own game league with friends and family. Whether it's a board game or baseball, you can be the proud owner of one of the teams.
  50. Who needs an esthetician when you can exfoliate in the sand by the beach?
  51. Now do you feel rich without spending a dime?
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