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How to Learn a Foreign Language Fast

Learn a Foreign Language FAST With These Easy Tips

Learning a language is a huge accomplishment. Some say it takes patience to master a new language, but is that really true? You can actually establish your skills in no time; it all depends on how you go about it. We've put together some simple tips so that you can start your crash course on the right foot. Check out these helpful hacks and get to practicing!

1. Study every single day.

The biggest key to mastering a language is studying every day, not a few times a week. You must focus on repetition; practicing the same thing over and over again is the only way to make a word or concept permanent in your mind. Make sure to keep it up, and you'll be able to move on to more complex challenges quickly.

2. Practice with a native speaker on a regular basis.

Studying isn't everything — you have to actually speak the language as well! If you can find a way to talk to a native speaker, even if it's over the phone or Skype, it will greatly improve your conversational skills. There's no better expert on a language than someone who has spoken a language their entire life.

3. Create goals for yourself.

Try to stay away from one broad goal and stick to smaller ones. Rather than saying, "I'm going to learn Italian by 2017," think about making weekly or monthly objectives. Center them around learning vocabulary, forming sentences, having conversations, and developing those conversations. These goals are more realistic and you'll feel more accomplished.

4. Do everyday activities with the language.

Whether you're watching TV or writing a grocery list, do so in the language you're learning. Even reading books or listening to the radio can really help. It's all about seeing how the language is being used in daily life. This also goes back to repetition — immersing yourself constantly will help you learn faster.

5. Don't worry about messing up.

Don't let the fear of saying something wrong hinder your progress. In fact, the best way to grow is to make some mistakes. You might make a native speaker laugh, but it's easy to let them know that you're learning! Nobody expects you to be perfect immediately.

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