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How to Make Boring Routines Fun

Throw a Little Flavor on Your Boring Routines With 5 Fun Additions

We've teamed up with Wendy's to help make your everyday chores a little brighter.
No matter how hard we try to streamline our lives with time-saving hacks and apps that will do pretty much anything for you, there are a few daily chores and mundane tasks that are hard to get away from. However, a few simple formulas can help make those tasks a little more fun — and, hey, you might even start to look forward to them! Whether it's brightening your Spring cleaning routine with a cleansing mask or picking up a delicious new Wendy's Parmesan Caesar Chicken Salad to up the ante on your 30-minute lunch break, here are simple recipes you can keep in your arsenal to combat boredom all day, every day.


Finding yourself in a lunch rut every time the clock strikes 12? Not sure what to get, so you just default to the same boring sandwich from the place downstairs from the office? Give yourself the jumpstart you need and shake up how you think about your work lunch. It's supereasy to take yourself out for daily treat without having to go through the ordeal of a sit-down meal. All you need is the new Wendy's Parmesan Caesar Chicken Salad, a pretty park blanket, a sweet pair of sunglasses, a nearby patch of grass, and voilà! You've got a chic midday picnic worthy of a weekend.

designer soap + diffuser + plush rug

Washing dirty dishes has to be one of the most loathed chores on the planet. But with a few simple additions, the pile won't feel so daunting. Give your hands a little pampering and splurge on a delicious-smelling dish soap that transports you to a field of jasmine or a forest of cedar trees. Pair that with an essential-oil diffuser near the sink for a steamy facial and a plush kitchen rug underneath your feet, and you've created a mini at-home spa.

Salad break + playlist + face mask

Staring down the barrel of a day of full-throttle home organization? Make Spring cleaning less terrible by allowing for some self-care indulgences. Carve out at least an hour for a luxurious lunch break featuring the Parmesan Caesar Chicken Salad — take your lunch outside if the weather is nice or just lounge on the couch and watch an episode of your favorite show. No cleaning allowed! Make sure to have a killer new playlist queued up for when you get back to work, and put on a face mask to clean the gunk out of your pores while you do the same for your closet. Consider yourself Spring refreshed.

New recipe + trendy tote + your BFF

When you finally make it through the work day and all you want to do is go home and put your sweatpants on, the idea of heading to the grocery store for your weekly haul can feel daunting. Take a deep breath and let us help! First, search through your favorite cooking sites or magazines and pick out a few recipes you're dying to make, and go to the store with your eyes on the prize. Then, do some good for your look and the planet by bringing your own trendy reusable tote bags and skipping the plastic. Finally, coordinate with a friend so you can shop together — having a built-in girls' night and catch-up sesh will make grocery shopping something to look forward to.

riveting podcast + strong coffee + the scenic route

Whether you take public transit or drive to work, morning commutes (especially when they last more than 20 minutes) can feel like lost time when you could have been doing something more interesting. Make the most of your drive or ride; download that new true crime or pop culture podcast all your friends have been raving about, press play, and you'll arrive at work before you know it. Don't forget to bring along a cup of coffee that you brewed extra strong at home — it'll go perfectly with your decision to take the scenic route to work. Whether you add a few extra minutes to your drive by taking a tree-lined road or get off the subway a few stops early and walk the extra blocks, it'll give you the calming moment you need before you start your hectic day.