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How to Recharge Over the Weekend

The BEST Way to Recharge From Feeling Socially Drained

If you're like me, you feel physically and mentally exhausted from socializing. An evening out meeting new people, spending an entire weekend with friends, going home for the holidays — all that can leave you feeling drained. But despite this, I have a tendency to keep going for FOMO. Even if I'm not missing out when I unwillingly accept an invitation to drinks, I'm also not entirely present because I'm sick of talking. I can hold my own in social settings, but if you caught me on one of these days and didn't know me, you'd probably think I was the most boring person in the world. So, an obvious but effective solution to this dilemma? A weekend social cleanse. Here's why you should take a break after a long week.

1. You need it.

Even if you're a social butterfly with the stamina of a talk show host, you could still use a break. When was the last time you completely shut yourself out from the world for some quality me time? Everybody can benefit from some R&R.

2. It's good practice for saying "no."

For the sake of maintaining our social lives, we sometimes put self-care in the backseat. How many times have you agreed to go out when your body wasn't feeling 100 percent? Taking back your weekend every now and then, and realizing the importance of it will make it easier to prioritize your needs.

3. It's a great way to feel refreshed.

Allowing myself to completely avoid people for a couple days, and to not feel guilty about being unresponsive to texts and calls helps me feel restored. And by the end, I'm ready to come back as myself, and give friends and family the attention they deserve. No more zombie me.

This weekend, put your phone and life on "do not disturb" — it'll do you good.

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