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How to Style Husband For Father's Day

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Crocs™

Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Ricardo Beas

Searching for a creative way to celebrate Father's Day? We partnered with Crocs™ to help our staffers build outfits to reflect their husbands' unique personalities.

Rather than heading to the hardware store this year in search of a new mechanical gadget that will occupy your husband's future Saturdays, why not get him something a little different for Father's Day. Something the two of you can do together . . . like creating a new look. By styling your husband for Father's Day, you're not only treating him to your talented sartorial eye but you're also putting the spotlight on him. To test how this idea would pan out, we turned to our very own staffers to see how they might create authentic looks for their partners. Check out how it all went, right this way.

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