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How to Treat Summer Stains

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There's nothing like a stain to turn a Summer gathering into a frustrating situation. That's why we partnered with the makers of OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover for this post.

Your calendar's already filling up with Summer invites to fun barbecues and beach-filled parties. And we're talking festive drinks to messy barbecue — wearing white can turn into a serious risk! Sure, you can strategically cover any dribbles or drips with a scarf, but pretreating is a must if you want to salvage your outfit. Here are some tips for tackling five stains, plus advice for getting rid of them once and for all at home.

  1. Sangria: Red wine is up there as one of the most challenging stains around. When the stain happens, reach for a bit of club soda and gently dab over the sangria, which dilutes the wine and helps lift the stain. Once home, pretreat before washing with a versatile stain remover. If you notice the stain remains after coming out of the washing machine, repeat the process before tossing in the dryer, which will lock in that stain.

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  1. Ketchup: Another one that's a bit of a challenge, a ketchup stain will come out of your clothes with a bit of patience. Instead of rubbing away, reach for a spoon and scoop ketchup from your clothing. Then rub a drop or two of dish soap into the stain, which breaks up the ketchup stain. Once you get home, treat with your favorite stain remover, toss in the wash, and check for remaining stains before putting through the dryer.
  2. Iced coffee: Honestly? It's not the prettiest, but a coffee stain is OK to leave for the time being. It's better to deal with once it has dried. Depending where you dripped, you can fashionably cover the mark thanks to a scarf — or even an additional layer of clothing, like a light sweater. Once you get home, pretreat the stain, then wash and check for any remaining marks before putting through the dryer.

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  1. Grass: A big smudge of grass is the worst after enjoying a picnic, and adding more moisture to the material just makes it worse. Either leave it until you get home, or reach for a bit of baking soda and sprinkle over the mark. Use it to gently exfoliate the fabric, helping to dislodge any bits of grass or dirt from the surface. Grab a sweater or shirt to tie around your waist and camouflage that stain. Once you get home, use an oxygen-based cleaner, like OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover, and let soak for six hours. It busts through the mark before it even hits the washing machine.
  2. Ice cream: Ice cream cones are what we all want during the Summer months, but a stain from that double-chocolate scoop can really stand out. After the stain happens, if possible, remove the article of clothing and rinse with cold water. Dab dry and cover the stain with a scarf draped over your shoulders or even tied from the waist so it dangles over the mark. Once home, pretreat with a versatile stain remover and let set for 30 minutes. Then soak in cold water for another 30 minutes and check the stained area. If the mark still shows, pretreat again before washing.

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