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How to Wake Up Fast

8 Tips to Help You Wake Up and Get Out of Bed Fast

You're late to work (again) because you couldn't get out of bed. If you have a hard time dragging yourself out of that comfy place, here are some tips to get you out of bed quickly and help you wake up alert:

1. Assess your health

Your drowsiness in the morning might be health-related. Perhaps you need a better diet and exercise plan, or maybe you have sleep apnea. If you've been doing everything right, go to a doctor for an expert opinion.

2. Keep a drink on your bedside table

A glass of water first thing in the morning can wake you right up. For extreme cases, leaving some coffee or another caffeinated drink like Mountain Dew on your bedside table might be the thing to get yourself out of bed, though it's not exactly the healthiest.


3. Place your alarm clock strategically

If you place your alarm clock across the room or outside your door, this might force you walk to the clock to shut it off.

4. Get an alarm clock that lights up

You can mimic waking up naturally with this BioBrite Sunrise Clock ($125). This alarm clock gradually glows brighter and brighter and acts like your own minisunrise, so you will no longer be jerked awake by jarring noises.

5. Download this alarm app that will force you out of your bed

This ingenious alarm app called SpinMe ($2) will only turn off if you get out of bed and spin around two times. You'll be hard pressed to find anything as effective as this tool.

6. Don't drink caffeine or alcohol the night before

It takes awhile for caffeine and alcohol to get out of your system, so for a better night's sleep, refrain from imbibing these liquids the night before.

7. Try smelling salts

Smelling salts have been reviving people for hundreds of years, but you don't have to smell something distasteful. Put a bottle of a pleasant-smelling essential oil like orange, grapefruit, or mint next to your bed to sniff in order to shake yourself out of a groggy state.

8. Train yourself

Instead of forcing yourself to wake up, train yourself to react instantly by practicing the motions of waking up. During the day, turn your lights off, and practice jumping out of the bed as soon as your alarm goes off. Do this about 10 times consecutively, twice a day, until it feels automatic. Although not waking up on time might be the main reason you're late, there can be a couple of other factors involved as well. Check out these five reasons why you're late and how to avoid them.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Mark Popovich
Product Credit: Garrett Leight glasses
Avinash2471874 Avinash2471874 5 years
This is been really a very good post.  I was struggling to get up early.. the most IMP point that I liked is  Place your alarm clock strategically.   Thanks a lot!!    @gcvsa @Avinash2471874 @Becky6 
Marcy2411754 Marcy2411754 5 years
I am a nurse and work odd shifts at times and hard to always train myself to get up at a particular time so if I really need to get up......I drink two glasses of water before I go to bed. It's either get up or wet the bed LOL! So far I have wakened when I need to, early most times and no harmful side effects.
Pancho2376416 Pancho2376416 5 years
I like the idea of Mountain Dew next to the bed. As well as Mountain Dew, you can also try battery acid, pre-cut lines of cocaine, or a few ecstasy tablets.   My personal favourite though is attaching jumper cables to my balls, and when my alarm goes off in the morning, a massive rube goldberg is set in motion that wakes up my neighbour and gets them to start their car, sending a massive burst of pleasurable pain through each testicle and gives me the jumpstart i need to start my day. Though at the moment I'm unemployed and my day consists of reading useless blogs...
Emily-Co Emily-Co 5 years
@gcvsa Very sound advice!
Caitlin2295281 Caitlin2295281 5 years
@ericaerwin! Let's practice getting out of bed in the AM! LOL #kindaridiculousbutnecessary
gcvsa gcvsa 5 years
The best way to ensure you wake up quickly is to sleep well, and the best way to make sure you sleep well is to make sure you don't go to bed feeling stress. This may sound glib, but as someone who rarely gets a decent night's sleep because of the stress in my life, I have experience with this! There are no easy fixes. Believe me, I have tried all of the above and more (with the exception of a sunrise light...I've been meaning to try one of those), and while some of them may help a little bit, it's like modern medicine treating the symptoms and not the disease. Task number one should be eliminating stress in your life. It may not be easy, and it may not be quick, but in the end, it *will* work. Your health is the most important possession you have; take care of it! Eat, Drink, Live, Love...XOXO, Gemma
Emily-Co Emily-Co 5 years
@noeXcusefitness Thanks for your comment — you do make good points. These are just suggestions and not rules to abide by! A glass of water beside the bed is a really good suggestion. :)
noeXcusefitness noeXcusefitness 5 years
Emily, You make some good points in this article, but I'm sorry having a drink of Mountain Dew next to your bed to help wake you up is one of the most ridiculous suggestions I have every heard. Even in extreme cases, how quick do you think the caffeine is going to be processed by you body. Not quick enough to wake you up instantly, not to mention all the other chemicals your body is having to process. A more sensible suggestion is a glass of water next to the bed. I am normally accepting of other people's opinions, but you when I see someone advising people to do something, that is unhealthy I have to speak up. If you want to read more about the dangers of soda, both regular and diet, check out my article at Cheers Niko
Emily-Co Emily-Co 5 years
@ptnxgstockton That's a good one! I need to check out the vibrating alarm clock. Thanks for sharing!
ptnxgstockton ptnxgstockton 5 years
You can also acquire an alarm clock that not only lights up, but vibrates. Mine has an orb that is placed under the pillow and shakes when it is time to get up.
Emily-Co Emily-Co 5 years
Thanks for your feedback @Jeanine2266340 ! My Mountain Dew/coffee advice was just for really extreme cases and days when you just don't think you can get out of bed (because you only had two hours of sleep or some other reason!). I'm not endorsing it as a daily habit. :)
Joe2269172 Joe2269172 5 years
That's really glib, Jeanine. High fructose corn syrup is no worse then regular sugar and if someone is depressed, the advice "love your life" is nonsense--they would if they could.
Jeanine2266340 Jeanine2266340 5 years
Assess your health?, then drink Mountain Dew? Yeah a person really needs the high frutose corn syrup in their system 1st thing in the morning. What kind of advise is this? No wonder the brain is dead in the morning! Protein is what stimulates the brain because of amino acids that fuel it and Having a damn good reason to get up is a major factor. Love your life and there's no reason not to greet the day with vigor. Come on folks, there's reasons for your morning depression. Get to the bottom of it and move on. Take responcibility for your choices, choose to be happy no matter what! Peace
Becky6 Becky6 5 years
I don't know about getting me out of bed fast, but I got myself one of these and it certainly makes waking up pleasurable. Much more fun than an alarm clock that lights up and a huge improvement on my phone alarm. (slightly NSFW if your boss is an ass).
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