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Life Lessons From a 12-Year-Old Boy

This 12-Year-Old Boy Is Going to Teach You 22 Lessons About Life

My little brother Mac is freakishly wise. I don't know if it's because he's a much younger kid hanging around lots of adults or he's just an old soul, but the seventh grader can drop major knowledge. Every so often we'll be sitting around the dinner table or watching TV and he'll blurt out some sagacious comment that will make my jaw drop.

Sometimes I believe that kids really are more enlightened than adults. Their curiosity of the world and blatant honesty are refreshing. So before Mac hits the teen years, I wanted to sit down with him and ask what he has learned about life so far. A few of his answers were shockingly deep, while others were downright hilarious. These life lessons are direct quotes from Mac himself. Check out what my favorite kid in the whole world had to say:

  1. Don't lie about doing your homework; just do it.
  2. Never eat too much candy. It feels good while you're eating it, but it feels bad later.
  3. If you are always there for your family, they will always be there for you.
  4. Be proud to wear your glasses if you have them. It might just be the reason someone remembers your face.
  5. Be a hard worker, but don't overwork yourself. I learned that from Dad.
  6. When arguing with your parents, give up. You will never win.
  7. Send compliments to girls in texts; it makes them feel good . . . I think.
  8. Don't be afraid to be yourself.
  9. When you get money, don't buy the first thing you see. Look around.
  10. Don't let a video game ruin a friendship.
  11. Laughter is a good way to make someone feel better.
  12. Don't let your friends take advantage of you, and don't take advantage of your friends.
  13. Girls don't need to wear all that makeup; they look pretty good the way they are.
  14. Patience is a virtue. I heard that in a Thomas the Train episode.
  15. Comfort comes before style. I hate pants.
  16. When you're at school, never take an Altoid from someone you don't know. It's probably not a mint.
  17. Brush your teeth twice a day, 67 percent of the time.
  18. Be a leader, not a follower.
  19. Always be a team player, but don't be afraid to fend for yourself.
  20. Do your fair share of pet care in your family (if you have one).
  21. You don't have to use social media to have friends. I have plenty of friends and I have never touched Instagram.
  22. Be a lover, not a fighter.

Mac is currently 12 years old and attending middle school in the Bay Area. He loves basketball, video games, and fishing with his dad. He's pretty pumped to show his friends at school this article.


This post was originally published on August 7, 2015.

Image Source: Macy Williams
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