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Moms Need to Know About This New Bug Killer

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We teamed up with Zevo to arm moms with a better way to kill pesky household bugs.

If there's one group of people you can count on to be up to date on all the latest developments in health-conscious products, it's moms. From reading up on eco-friendly household cleaning solutions to switching to natural skincare products to sticking to organic foods for their families (and pets!), moms take the healthy cake. Now, they have a new item to add to their arsenal of feel-good home products: bug killers from Zevo.

Scientists have found that certain essential oils attack specific nervous system receptors that are only active in insects — not in people and pets. So, Zevo harnesses the power of plants to outsmart bugs, with active ingredients like lemongrass oil and cinnamon oil at the heart of each formula — no harsh chemicals in sight. Moms can feel good knowing the powerful sprays are safe for use around people and pets when used as directed, while being confident that bugs like ants, cockroaches, spiders, flies, wasps, and hornets will be finished off for good.

Another perk? Zevo's sprays actually smell good — no more need to cover your mouth, spray, and run outside as fast as possible to get away from the fumes. Ingredients like geraniol and lemongrass give a natural citrus/flowery scent that's actually pleasant to be around. Read on to shop Zevo's full line of bug-killing products — or stop at one of the 1,200 Target stores across the US where Zevo is sold — so you can forget the bugs and get back to your life.

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