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New Starbucks Reward Program

Starbucks-Lovers, You're About to Receive More Perks For Your Loyalty

Loyal Starbucks fans, if you're already a part of the rewards program, get ready to receive more perks for your purchases beginning this month. Formerly called My Starbucks Rewards, the program is getting revamped into Starbucks Rewards, which will allow customers to recieve double the Stars for every dollar spent regardless of how often they visit.

How the points work:

Purchases can include products off the menu, including mugs and coffee beans. Any change will also go towards your total as "partial Stars" so that no cent goes unrewarded. Instead of earning one Star per dollar spent, members will recieve two Stars. Double the points also means more Stars are required to reach Gold Level (300, compared to 30), whose members will now be able to enjoy Monthly Double-Star Days — a surprise day when four stars will be credited for every dollar.

The perks:

The new program will get rid of the Welcome level, leaving the Green and Gold. As soon as a new member joins, they enter the Green level and are able to enjoy perks including free in-store refills, skipping the line, and a free drink or food item on their birthday. Any current Welcome members will automatically be upgraded, while current Green and Gold members will maintain their current status and benefits.

This change will allow more people to get involved in the incentive program, with more earning opportunities. So if you're already a regular customer, you might as well get rewarded for the amount you spend. Plus, it's free!

Image Source: Flickr user rekre89
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