I Tried the Starbucks Chocolate-Covered-Strawberry Drink That's All Over TikTok

POPSUGAR Photography | Yerin Kim
POPSUGAR Photography | Yerin Kim

Looking to get yourself a festive treat ahead of Valentine's Day? The latest Starbucks drink circulating on TikTok is a pretty shade of pink, and tastes just like strawberries dipped in chocolate. Influenced by my For You page, I recently tried the chocolate-covered-strawberry drink for myself, and I can confirm the description is fairly accurate.

No need to get nervous ordering this beverage at the counter; just ask your barista for a pink drink topped with chocolate cream cold foam and no inclusions. (The pink drink typically comes with strawberry acai juice, coconutmilk, and freeze-dried strawberries. The cold foam is Starbucks's original flavored with chocolate malt powder.) Since it has no caffeine or coffee, this is definitely more of a dessert drink, but it isn't too sweet.

Upon first sip, it tastes like a strawberry milkshake, and with the perfect ratio of the drink and cold foam, that chocolate-covered-strawberry flavor comes through. If you love strawberry ice cream or any milky-strawberry flavor, this concoction is for you. The added flavor of chocolate on top makes it a delicious — and Instagrammable — beverage. Prior to this taste test, I'd never had the chocolate cream cold foam, which was initially released with Starbucks's Chocolate Cream Cold Brew in May 2022, and I instantly became a fan.

As a regular coffee drinker, the chocolate-covered-strawberry drink isn't my kind of everyday beverage, but it's certainly worth a try. While Starbucks-goers have enjoyed similarly-flavored drinks in the past, previous iterations were cold-brew based, or called for adding syrup to the regular cold foam. See how TikTokers ordered the sweet new drink ahead, and stop by your local Starbucks for a taste yourself.