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Tips For a Long Flight

POPSUGAR / Presented by / Emirates Airline

Source: Emirates

A long flight can seem daunting, but with hours of entertainment options, impressive food options, and amenities to suit any flyer, it doesn't have to be. We've partnered with Emirates Airline to share why their unique offerings can make time in the air something to truly look forward to — no matter how you like to spend your time in the air.

No matter how well versed of a traveler you are, there's one thing regular jet-setters and first-time flyers have in common: they struggle to stay occupied on board. But while hours of airtime are never anyone's favorite part of a trip abroad, we found three editors with varied flying styles who unanimously agree it can be an enjoyable way to kick off your adventure. Ahead, they reveal how to prep like a frequent flyer and take advantage of every amenity that will make your experience a total pleasure.

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