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Travel Trends 2018

10 Travel Trends on the Rise in 2018

Travel Trends 2018

Often called the wanderlust generation, more and more young people are jet-setting than ever before. We move for so many reasons — the stories, the lessons, the lifelong memories, or to see if the Indian Ocean is really that blue. And the travel industry, like the explorers themselves, doesn't sit still. With the rise of pocket-friendly platforms like budget airlines and apartment sharing, globetrotting is that much easier. So as the industry continues to evolve, so do the types of trips we take.

To find out more about what travel trends are on the rise, we linked up with Jessica Bisesto, a senior editor at travel deals finder TravelPirates, to share her predictions for 2018. From flying solo to stomping grapes, here are 10 travel trends expected to soar in the new year.

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