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5 Next-Level Budgeting Tips For Getting Serious About Saving

Who doesn't want to save more money? It seems like the simplest way to improve your financial health, but it's often easier said than done. Watch this video to discover five simple ways to start saving more money, from applying for a new credit card to opening a high-interest savings account to refinancing your mortgage.

How to Save Extra Cash on Your Taxes With 3 Tax Credits

Let's be honest: no one really likes doing their taxes. Before you file next, learn how to save some extra money and possibly score a bigger refund by taking advantage of three useful tax credits: the earned income credit, the lifetime learning credit, and the saver's credit. Watch the video here to find out which of these credits might work for you.

How Social Media FOMO Can Hurt Your Budget — and How to Avoid It

The mental health consequences of endless social media scrolling have been well-documented — but turns out, keeping up with Instagram Stories and Facebook posts all day long could also be hurting your finances. Watch this video to the left to find out exactly why it's so tempting to buy that matching set you saw on an influencer's feed and discover how you can curb your overspending and work toward your overarching financial goals.

4 Workplace Benefits That Can Lead to Big Savings

When you hear the word "benefits" at work, odds are your mind goes straight to health insurance and your retirement account. If that's all you're thinking about, though, you might be missing out on other common workplace benefits — like flexible spending accounts, wellness programs, education assistance, and employee perk programs, just to name a few. Press play on the video to the right to see how each of these benefits could save you money and help you get one step closer to your big-picture financial goals.

Mortgages 101: The First Steps to Buying Your Dream Home

Finding your dream home with the perfect kitchen island, walk-in closet, and light-filled bedroom is only half the battle. Before you can put in an offer, you'll need to figure out your mortgage — a process that can seem totally overwhelming for first-time home buyers. Once you know the basics, it's actually simpler than you might think. Press play on the video to the left to get a crash course in mortgages 101.

How to Start Your Own Business — and Become a Total Boss

Coming up with a million-dollar idea is one thing, but actually figuring out how to turn that thought into a bona fide business is another. There's so much to consider — from your business plan to your overhead costs to intellectual property — that it can be pretty overwhelming for a first-time entrepreneur. That's why we asked Tonya Rapley, the founder of My Fab Finance and a certified financial educator, to walk us through the process of starting your own business. Watch this video to find out everything you need to consider before starting your own business, from the soul-searching you need to do beforehand to the amount of savings you should have.


Find Out Your Path to Building a Strong Credit Score Once and For All

Your credit score can sometimes feel like a faraway number that you rarely think about, especially when you're young. But it can have a huge effect on so many essential components of your life, from buying a home to purchasing a car. Getting your credit score in a healthy place is certainly something to think about when big life decisions — like marriage or starting a family — start coming into play. So if you're in need of a credit boost, take our helpful quiz to find out your next steps to building a strong credit score, once and for all.

5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying Your First Home

Adulthood requires a whole set of skills that you never learn in school, like doing your taxes, building your credit score, and buying a house. To help demystify the home-buying process, we asked Tonya Rapley, the founder of My Fab Finance and a certified financial educator, to break it down for us. Watch this video to find out how to tell if your finances are in a good place before you decide to buy, how to apply for a mortgage, and even how to assemble your home-buying team. Your dream home awaits!

How to Create a Solid Emergency Fund Even When You Think You Can't

Setting aside money for a rainy day is all too easy to put off, especially when you'd rather use that cash today. But that's the thing with an emergency fund: you don't actively need it until you really need it. We caught up with Tonya Rapley, the founder of My Fab Finance and a certified financial educator, to find out exactly why she says everyone should start putting away money, just in case. Press play on this video to discover how to create your own emergency fund and start saving today.

How to Build a Financially Sound Relationship With Your Significant Other

Openness and honesty is the foundation of any healthy relationship — especially where your money is concerned. If you and your partner aren't on the same page about your spending and saving goals, how will you be able to build a life together? Still, figuring out how to broach the subject can be tricky. Thankfully, Tonya Rapley, the founder of My Fab Finance and a certified financial educator, has some genius advice for couples. Watch this video to hear Tonya's take on joint accounts and sometimes-taboo money topics, as well as find out how she recommends setting goals with your partner.

How to Plan For Retirement When Saving Is a Challenge

When you're working to get your day-to-day finances in good shape, saving for retirement can be the last thing on your mind. Though you won't be able to touch those savings for decades to come, putting off saving for retirement can mean that you won't have enough savings down the line. That's why Tonya Rapley, the founder of My Fab Finance and a certified financial educator, recommends you start saving for retirement as soon as possible — even if you're also working on other financial goals. Press play on this video to get Tonya's expert tips on how to start saving, from making the most of employer-matching programs to simple ways to set aside money today.

Navigating Joint Finances: How to Approach Opening a Bank Account With Your Partner

Getting to the point in your relationship where you begin talking about opening a joint bank account is a big step — and also quite exciting! It's definitely not something you want to rush into, however, so make sure to do your research. To help you figure out what's going to work best for you and your partner, take this handy quiz to get some insights and helpful resources.

How to Tackle Credit Card Debt Head-On

Getting started with finances may feel complex – no judgment. From credit scores to down payments, it helps to get a little (or a lot of) advice so you can approach your money like a boss. Enter: Tonya Rapley, the founder of My Fab Finance, a company that helps millennials break the cycle of living paycheck to paycheck. Watch the video here to see her react to financial confessions from real millennials and answer their questions about the best strategies to get out of credit card debt for good. Watch as Tonya draws upon her wealth of financial wisdom to guide viewers through concrete steps to evaluate their debt, choose a payoff strategy and even potentially secure lower repayment rates. Financial freedom, here you come!

Thinking About Buying a Home? Here's How Much You Should Have In the Bank

Whether you're ready to buy your first home, or are just dreaming about the future, we're here to get you up to speed on what you'll need to begin the home buying process. Click through the questions here to see where your path to home ownership will take you!