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What Editors Carry in Their Summer Bags

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As cliche as it may seem, often times, the little things really do make the biggest impact — especially when you're on the go! We've partnered with Aquaphor® to share the multipurpose, must-have items our editors are carrying this Summer.

Whether you opt for a seemingly bottomless tote, a mini crossbody, or even a stylish backpack, we all carry handbags for the same reason: to keep the things we use most often within easy reach. But if this is true, how do we end up letting the most random (and often useless) items collect at the bottoms of our bags?!

Come Summer, nothing feels better than clearing out that extra bulk and paring down to items that truly matter. Need some help deciding what to keep, cut, or add to your list of bag staples? Just take a few notes from our editors. With different schedules, preferences, and Summer plans, read on to see which items three POPSUGAR editors have on hand at all times.