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What You Need to Throw a Spontaneous Party

POPSUGAR / paid for by / Dos Equis

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We partnered with Dos Equis to give you everything you need to keep all your parties interesante.

Sure, house parties and backyard hangouts are plenty fun — but why not throw a curve ball into your party persona this Summer? Don't be afraid of spontaneous excursions outside your home-turf comfort zones — why not track down that underground salsa dance party you've heard whispers about? Grab your crew and go exploring in a new neighborhood, or find a nearby campground and sleep under the stars. Go on the hunt for a house rental with a chic pool perfect for lounging and dance-partying. Wherever you go, consider Dos Equis your party partner, ready to help you keep things interesante. To take your Summer up a notch, make sure to have Dos Equis and the following out-of-the-box items on hand at all times so you're ready for whatever Summer has in store for you.