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Where to Get Materials For Homemade Costumes

Where to Get Affordable Materials For Your Homemade Costume

If you're looking to make your Halloween costumethis year to save money, make sure you're not spending more than you should on the materials, which can start adding up. Here are six affordable sources for Halloween costume materials:

  • Home. Look around your home to see if you already possess the materials, and start thinking outside the box. The clothes you never wear could be turned into a costume, and items around your kitchen and home could be upcycled into a costume.
  • Other people. If you need certain materials that you can't find at home, then shoot the people you know an email to see if they possess an old t-shirt that they are going to throw away or cardboard boxes that they are about to dispose of. Ask them if they're willing to donate it to your costume.
  • Dollar stores. The dollar store has plenty of materials you can use or deconstruct for your costume. If you can't find anything at home to reuse or items you can score from friends, the dollar store will be your next best bet.
  • Thrift stores. Check out your local consignment store or Salvation Army to see if there is anything you can reuse for your Halloween outfit.
  • Craft stores. Browse craft stores for materials, but be aware that some craft stores can be pretty pricey. Head straight for the clearance rack to see if you can find any of the materials there.
  • Fast fashion. Take a look at some of the lower-end clothing retailers to see if you can find affordable pieces for your costume. If the clothing is something you think you can wear outside of Halloween, make sure you're not making any permanent changes to it that you can't undo, such as sewing something on too tightly.

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