11 Accessibility Hacks From and For the Disability Community on TikTok

TikTok never ceases to amaze me, especially when it comes to its life hacks (who knew you could attach AirPods to your laptop?). With so many life-changing ways to make everyday jobs easier, it was clear to me that these disability and accessibility hacks (that I may or may not have found going down a TikTok rabbit hole) had to be shared. From hacks for blind people that make it easy to pour coffee to simpler ways to carry groceries as a wheelchair user — there are so many creative approaches to making everyday tasks easier. Ahead, find a few of our favorites we've discovered on the app, and feel free to journey down your own life hack rabbit hole: we won't judge!

Cooking Hack

TikTok user @Mackenzie.Trush uses a slotted wooden spoon to turn her stove on and off.

Laundry Hack

If you can't reach the bottom of your laundry barrel, a pair of tongs should do the trick!

Grocery Carrying Hack

If you're a wheelchair user like @StructuralDissociation, a hack for carrying groceries is to put them in a laundry basket and strap them to your wheelchair using a bungee cord.

Bathroom Hack

If you can't reach the automatic soap dispenser, @ThatLittleMom gets it to work using paper towels.

Coffee Pouring Hack

If you're blind, a liquid level indicator is a great tool for pouring coffee.

Cooking Hack

Use a portable cart with wheels to carry around ingredients when cooking like @Whit.n.grit does in this life hack. That way, you don't have to shuffle through cabinets or worry about putting things away.

Jar Opening Hack

@Kittymewesart has weak hands, so to open jars, she uses dental dams that she swears are "perfect for opening everything."

Cleaning Hack

Rather than standing up, @Pauuzzoo users a chair with wheels to clean her house.

Clothes Shopping Hack

If you can't reach the top rack, @Lilmisty_Diaz uses a pair of crutches to help her out.

Clothing Prosthetic Leg Hack

To get clothing over a prosthetic leg without getting stuck, @FootlessJo uses a piece of Velcro.