You Can Attach Your AirPods to Your Computer So You Don't Lose Them, and Who Knew?

OK, so we already know that TikTok is home to some wildly helpful fashion, beauty, and overall life hacks, but we must say that the tech tips might be the most useful. Since Apple doesn't reveal all of its hidden secrets, we always turn to TikTok to teach us the way. The latest hack we stumbled upon had to do with AirPods, and believe us when we say we didn't see this coming.

Thanks to a video posted by @cnnunderscored, we won't be losing our AirPods again any time soon. The video explains that there's a magnet on the top right-hand corner of Mac computers, and since AirPods are magnetic, they're attracted to this spot. (As Bill Nye would say, "science rules!") This means that you can keep your AirPods right where you can see them, so the next time you're binge-watching Netflix in bed, you don't have to search your sheets to find your missing earpiece. Magic? No. Genius. Yes.