The 1 Halloween Decoration You Need This Year? A Crystal Ball From Disney's Haunted Mansion

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Every Halloween stan knows that if you want the best haunted decor, it's better to start shopping sooner rather than later. Stores like HomeGoods and The Home Depot already have their Halloween decorations on display, but if you really want to take your home to the next haunted level, we've found a decoration that'll do just that. Party City is selling an Animated Madame Leota Crystal Ball From Disney's Haunted Mansion ($60), and if you wave your hands around it, she'll start communicating with the spirit world. Madame Leota's disembodied head is extremely unsettling, and the animated effects look so realistic, your guests will be fooled into thinking it's the real deal. Place her on a table where passersby can be spellbound by her magical powers. Wherever this ball is placed, Madame Leota sure knows how to spook up a room!