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Keep Your Date-Night Rituals Alive Even While Staying Inside

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You don't have to go out for date night to have a memorable time. Teaming up with Skintimate®, we're sharing ideas to help make your at-home evening extraspecial.

After over nine years together, my fiancé and I swear by our regular date nights. Every week, we look forward to Friday evenings, when we unwind, treat ourselves, and reconnect. Recently though, date nights have looked different. We haven't felt comfortable dining out or visiting the movie theater, but you better believe we've kept our tradition alive.

Not only are weekly date nights more of a priority than ever before, but during these unsettling times, we've learned to appreciate them on a whole new level. We've learned to get creative, embrace simplicity, and enjoy (and value!) each other's undivided attention.

Maintaining this sense of normalcy has also kept us sane and looking forward to something positive during a time when life feels more uncertain than usual. Most importantly, we've realized that you don't need to do anything fancy in order to have a memorable date-night experience. As long as you have each other, you have the makings of a special evening.

Ahead, find the date-night rituals I'm still maintaining even with nowhere to go. From my beauty prep to planning an activity, these routines have helped keep us on track and have made our at-home dates extraspecial and intimate.