This Baby Yoda Sweatshirt About Getting "Chicky Nuggies" Is So Cute, and I've Never Felt So Seen

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If you live in comfy clothes — which, to be honest, is all we know these days — then you're going to want to text your family with a last-minute holiday wish-list item: this Baby Yoda sweatshirt. Featuring The Child from The Mandalorian, this Get In Loser We Are Getting Chicky Nuggies Sweatshirt Hoodie ($16, originally $18) is about as cute and funny as it gets. Not only does it nod to one of our favorite activities (getting chicken nuggets, naturally), but it also gives them a new nickname, which we will definitely be using from now on. Plus, look at our favorite little green guy's face! So cute!

The sweatshirt is available on Etsy and comes in a handful of color options, including black, forest green, navy, maroon, and purple. It's also made of cotton and polyester, so you know it'll keep you nice and warm all season long. While Regina George from Mean Girls definitely wouldn't be caught wearing this sweatshirt, she would appreciate the message. Oh, and if you want more than the sweatshirt, check out these Baby Yoda purses, mug, and waffle maker. So, what are you waiting for? Get in, loser, let's shop it!