13 Gifts You Should Never, EVER Give Someone

There are some items that should never be wrapped and given as gifts. Whether they're offensive, not thoughtful, or just plain unnecessary, we have compiled a list of presents you should never hand over to a loved one. Just don't do it, people. Nobody wants to water their Christmas tree with tears this year. Read on to see what you should steer clear of gifting.

1. Vacuum cleaner

Never give cleaning products as gifts, especially a vacuum cleaner. There is nothing more disappointing than opening a big box with a present that says "clean the house."

2. Pets

Giving a pet to someone might seem like an exciting idea, but you're forcing a huge responsibility on somebody who didn't ask for one. It doesn't matter if it's a goldfish or a puppy, don't do it.

3. Bathroom Scale

You are giving off the wrong message with a weight scale. It will make it seem like you're implying that the recipient either needs to gain or lose weight. That's just rude!

4. Candles

Candles are the gift that say that you forgot to get that person a present so you bought them something last minute. Haven't you seen the Saturday Night Live Christmas candle skit? Plus, everyone's scent preferences are so specific, you're bound to get it wrong.

5. Lingerie

Unless you're giving it to a significant other, it's kind of awkward to have a family member open a box of lingerie in front of everyone. Let's try to avoid that.

6. Chia Pet

You know what happens to Chia Pets? They get shoved in a corner of a closet somewhere. They are tacky and not useful. Even if you think it's a funny gift, you can do better than that. We believe in you.

7. Christmas sweater

If you're giving a Christmas sweater to someone on Christmas, what are they supposed to get out of it? The holiday is over! Any Christmas-related items should not be given on that day, since they can't be used for an entire year.

8. Gym membership

This is another gift that implies that you think the recipient should work out more or be healthier. Just don't do it.

9. CDs

Nobody uses CDs anymore; they're an outdated method of listening to music. Don't gift someone with something irrelevant — it looks careless.

10. Socks

You can try harder than that! Playful printed socks that have something to do with the person are OK, but solid-colored socks are a big no-no.

11. School supplies

You should give loved ones something that they can enjoy. Pens, pencils, and lined notebooks are items you get when you're running errands. They should never be presented as gifts.

12. Shapewear

This is another item that makes it seem like you're commenting on the person's appearance. If you love someone, you should make them feel good, not sad and self-conscious.

13. Fruitcake

Nobody. Likes. Fruitcake. Not a special fruitcake from a bakery, not one you made yourself, and not one in a pretty package. Erase fruitcake from your mind.