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The Best Plant For Your Zodiac Sign, From a Feng Shui Expert

The Best Plant For Your Zodiac Sign, According to a Feng Shui Expert

The Best Plant For Your Zodiac Sign, From a Feng Shui Expert

For feng shui and plant expert Clara Leung, plants carry meaning far beyond a cute decoration on a window sill. Leung's passion for plants was passed down to her from her mother, and using this insight, Leung has transformed her love of plants into a full-fledged business — Clara's Green House — which has not only allowed her to combine her knowledge of plants with her feng shui expertise, but to share the joy of it with others by selling houseplants and offering feng shui consultations.

"At the beginning, I helped one client with her wish by giving her a free feng shui recommendation, and she messaged to thank me for giving her mom one more year to live. That's when [feng shui with houseplants] started to inspire me," she tells POPSUGAR via email. "Not only this, I have witnessed myself having a dramatically better life."

An ancient traditional Chinese practice, feng shui involves arranging certain items or pieces within a living area in a way that promotes balance and free-flowing energy (or chi) between someone and their environment. As Leung writes on her website, "With feng shui houseplants, you'll transform your home so that positive energy flows throughout every corner." Just as you can arrange furniture in a way that harnesses good energy, you can introduce and arrange houseplants in your space to accomplish the same thing.

Of course, feng shui is a philosophy and its principles have been carefully studied over the years. Knowing this, learning to feng shui with houseplants isn't as simple as picking up a cactus, setting it on a table, and calling it a day. In fact, Leung says cacti and harsh, spiky plants aren't recommended in feng shui. "Snake plants, any pothos except golden pothos, and varieties of dracaena are well-known, good plants for feng shui," she says.

Ultimately, Leung recommends researching Old Chinese feng shui or consulting with an expert like her for advice: "Keep in mind, Old Chinese feng shui is what I have used and believed, not modernized or western feng shui."

Because feng shui highlights the relationship between the individual and their space, choosing a houseplant based on some aspect of your personality, like your zodiac sign, can ensure the plant you choose fosters an energy that meshes well with your own. Ahead, Leung shares her thoughts and recommendations on the best feng shui houseplant for you, according to your zodiac sign.

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