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The Best and Funniest TikTok Videos of 2021

Every Day Is a Bones Day With Our Favorite TikTok Videos of 2021 — Relive the Magic Here


Wait for the end... 😂🕷🕸 @mateuspain ##spiderman

♬ original sound - OrenSalman

This year on TikTok has been a whirlwind of salmon rice bowls, victory dances, and innovative fashion moments, and with every new viral video posted, we had another excuse to keep scrolling on our phones at 3 a.m. Nobody warned us that we were going to fall head over heels in love with a pug's "bones or no bones day" predictions or share a video about mustard and watermelon with basically everyone in our contacts list, but we did. Considering TikTok was the app that lived rent-free in our heads 24/7 this year, we rounded up all the videos that warmed our hearts, made us crack a smile, and inspired us to try something new. From raucous sea shanties to hilarious celebrity impressions, relive some of the funniest, most inspiring, and most popular TikTok videos of 2021 here.

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