50+ Black Disney Influencers You Need to Follow on Instagram For a Daily Dose of Magic

True Disney fanatics know that following park influencers and bloggers on Instagram is essential for learning about new food items, park hacks, cute Disney merchandise, and so much more. It's also no secret that the Disney influencer space has been predominantly white, but these Black creators are changing all that. They've been here all along, and their expert Disney tips and stunning photos deserve a spot in your feed ASAP. From Disney bounding to travel tips to delicious eats, these 50+ Black Disney influencers embody the one thing all Disney fans love: magic. Keep reading to see them all now, and get ready to hit the "Follow" button many, many times.


Katrina (@isntlifedandy)

The next time someone tells you nothing can be all sunshine and rainbows, point them in the direction of Katrina's IG. It's impossible to look at her page without smiling from all of her colorful and imaginative posts. Following Katrina will surely give your feed its daily dose of positive vibes and pixie dust.

Follow Katrina on Instagram: @isntlifedandy


Mariah (@mariahs_wholenewworld)

Mariah is a vlogger (subscribe to her YouTube channel here) and passionate runner with a love for Disney that's basically in her blood — her parents even honeymooned at Walt Disney world! Annual family trips to Walt Disney World have been a tradition in her life since she was 4 years old, and there's no sign of them stopping anytime soon. Follow Mariah to see her cross the finish line of yet another runDisney half-marathon.

Follow Mariah on Instagram: @mariahs_wholenewworld


Courtney Quinn (@colormemagic)

Courtney Quinn is a true Disney content creator queen. Her grid contains wild pops of color in every post, as well as some of the most beautiful Disneybounds I've ever seen! The Jasmine Disneybound shown here is just one example — her page is filled with Princess Tiana, Snow White, and many more creations. PS, check out her highlights for tons of Disney-themed story templates!

Follow Courtney on Instagram: @colormemagic


Tamerra (@magicncurls)

Follow Tamerra for her supercreative collages that pair perfectly with her Disneybounds. Her ear collection is quite impressive, her Disney style is impeccable, and her curls are just as magical as her grid!

Follow Tamerra on Instagram: @magicncurls


Elantrice (@dizthrubrowneyes)

Elantrice has been showing that Black people are Disney fans too through her blog, Diz Thru Brown Eyes, which she started back in 2011. She's watched the online Disney community become more diverse over time and wants to see it continue to grow. You'll be all caught up on new Disney merch (especially mugs, which are her true fav) when you follow Elantrice.

Follow Elantrice on Instagram: @dizthrubrowneyes


Adrienne (@mickeysfavoritemogwai)

When she's not creating magical content for the 'gram, you can find Adrienne getting a big hug from Goofy in the parks. Adrienne uses her corner of the internet to showcase her awesome Disney style, Disneybounding, and her love for throwing up the peace sign whenever she gets the chance.

Follow Adrienne on Instagram: @mickeysfavoritemogwai


Rachel-Ann (@xoserenarae)

Rachel-Ann's page is filled with helpful park tips and park photography. As a woman who's basically Mickey's neighbor (she lives in Orlando!), expect to see content that will have you packing your bags for Florida as soon as it's safe.

Follow Rachel-Ann on Instagram: @xoserenarae


Fifi (@beautifuluniqueandchic)

This mama, baker (see her delectable treats here), and Disney passholder creates enchanting Disney content with her sweet family. Follow to see the things that bring Fifi joy, and we're sure you'll find yourself feeling the magic too.

Follow Fifi on Instagram: @beautifuluniqueandchic


Alia (@bobbinsandbarbells)

Alia's passion for all things fitness and Disney are evident through her IG page. She loves to try to recreate her favorite character costumes, especially if she can make them light up! This fit, crafty, Disney-crazed woman is a must-add to your list of Disney creators!

Follow Alia on Instagram: @bobbinsandbarbells


Brooklyn (@brooklynbebusy)

Ever since Brooklyn took a family trip to Disneyland two years ago, she's been swept up in the magic of all things Disney. Your mouth will be watering as you scroll through her photos of delicious treats from inside the park when you follow this Disneyland Annual Passholder.

Follow Brooklyn on Instagram: @brooklynbebusy


Lauren (@dressesandcapes)

Lauren is an award-winning cosplayer, and her photos will show you why! So if Disneybounding or cosplaying is something that's up your alley, go follow her for some tips and inspiration.

Follow Lauren on Instagram: @dressesandcapes


Jessica (@disney4two)

Jessica and Caleb got married at Disney World's Swan and Dolphin resort a little over two years ago, and their Instagram showcases their sweet relationship and mutual Disney obsession. Follow this couple into the whole new world they've created online filled with all things Disney, all the time.

Follow Jessica and Caleb on Instagram: @disney4two


Tiffani (@dreaminaroundtheworld)

Tiffani's heart belongs to Disney, as well as any and all other theme parks! When she's not sporting her fierce park style or pouring positivity in each post, she's hard at work as a pediatric nurse.

Follow Tiffani on Instagram: @dreaminaroundtheworld


Angelique Michelle (@angeliquemagique)

Angelique is currently living in Shanghai where she frequents the Disney parks there, and creates content that fuels everyone who has wanderlust in their hearts. Following along with Angelique will help you gather inspiration and tips for your trip to Disney in Shanghai or Hong Kong!

Follow Angelique on Instagram: @angeliquemagique


Lexi (@lexx.myers17)

Lexi's page is filled with sparkling photos from inside Disney World and onboard the magical Disney Cruise, as well as some travel inspo here and there. Follow Lexi now to keep up with her as she pursues her dream of becoming a Disney Cruise Line cast member!

Follow Lexi on Instagram: @lexx.myers17


Bethany and Trey Cole (@thehappiestcolesonearth)

The happiest Coles on earth? I believe it! This Disney couple took their first trip to the parks on their honeymoon and have been living happily ever after ever since. Follow along with Bethany and Trey to see them rock their epic couple outfits and dig in to some delicious Disney eats.

Follow Bethany and Trey on Instagram: @thehappiestcolesonearth


Dom Battle (@domdivadoesit)

Dom is a Diva on IG and loves to show it! She creates super fun Disneybounds for any and every Disney character possible and fills her feed with her creativity. She's also a super talented artist, and showcases her Disney-themed artwork on her page as well.

Follow Dom on Instagram: @domdivadoesit


RJay (@_the_adventurous_rjay)

RJay is ready to fill your feed with authentic #BlackBoyJoy and Disney love. As a member of the LGBTQIA community, RJay is here to promote acceptance, community, and of course, a collective love of Disney. He is also the co-creator of PixieDustedWithPride (follow the account here), which is another Disney-focused account that shares stories of love from other Disney fanatics in the LGBTQ+ community.

Follow RJay on Instagram: @_the_adventurous_rjay


Taylor (@taylorbird___)

Taylor's feed goes a bit like this: flawless makeup, stunning Disney style, and photos with heartfelt captions to match. The energy on Taylor's page is fierce, and the Disney love is real.

Follow Taylor on Instagram: @taylorbird___


Rachael (@rachaelverse)

See the magic of Disneyland through the eyes of Rachael's two adorable kiddos as she shares their experiences growing up in the world of Disney. Her family park pics are sure to melt your heart, so give her a follow ASAP!

Follow Rachael on Instagram: @rachaelverse


Craig (@craig1257)

Craig is a Dapper Day participant, runDisney runner, and a lover of Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom. Follow him for Disney style, and check out his other IG account that's dedicated to sharing his niece and nephew's cutest park moments (click here to give it a follow!).

Follow Craig on Instagram: @craig1257


Victoria (@hecallsmepineappleprincess)

Solo travel and #BlackGirlMagic mesh together perfectly on Victoria's page. Following her will inspire your Disney-themed travel endeavors, and her travel tips are gold.

Follow Victoria on Instagram:@hecallsmepineappleprincess


June, Rachel, Rane, Tre’, and Brooklyn (@dislyfeofours)

June, Rachel, Rane, Tre', and Brooklyn are the family members behind @dislyfeofours, and they're always having a blast. Whether it's a family day in the parks or a Disney Cruise, this family of Disney enthusiasts knows how to have a good time and has the photos to prove it!

Follow June, Rachel, Rane, Tre', and Brooklyn on Instagram: @dislyfeofours


Destiny (@trulydest)

Destiny is a Disneybounder, a runDisney participant, and a self-proclaimed Disnerd. Her grid includes everything from her wicked keyboard skills and yummy park snacks to the pure joy she experiences at Disneyland.

Follow Destiny on Instagram: @trulydest


Macara (@macaras_kingdom)

This hilarious Roz photo is just one example of Macara's many creative Disneybounds. If you're looking for more Disneybounders to fill your feed, Macara is your girl! Along with these creations, you'll also find her participating in Disney challenges and spreading pixie dust all throughout Disney World.

Follow Macara on Instagram: @macaras_kingdom


Denysha (@imagineermom)

Denysha is a lover of all things Mickey and Minnie Mouse, but we didn't have to tell you that — a quick glance at her grid says all you need to know! Follow this Disney mama for plenty of Mouse content, as well as tons of family fun and cuteness.

Follow Denysha on Instagram: @imagineermom


Natazsa (@funsized_disney)

Natazsa's glam Disney style stands out on her feed, and she loves to share it in her Disneybounds, too. Her style is dressy, glamorous, and truly fun, and is sure to inspire anyone who's looking to take their Disney style to the next level.

Follow Natazsa on Instagram: @funsized_disney


Britt (@brittalecia)

Britt loves to share content from the frequent trips she takes to Walt Disney World, and seeing them all will probably make you feel like you need to book your next visit ASAP. Follow her for her great park style and sunny Florida vibes year round!

Follow Britt on Instagram: @brittalecia


Sheena B. (@sheabutteranddolewhip)

Sheena is an avid Dole Whip lover (but really, who isn't?), and is here to spread all things #BlackGirlMagic with her followers. As a former Walt Disney World cast member and a Disney College Program alumni, she's got plenty of park tips and tricks to share!

Follow Sheena on Instagram: @sheabutteranddolewhip


Bri (@eatseemagic)

Scroll through Bri's grid and try not to drool. This Disney vlogger (subscribe to her channel here) and co-creator of the #MagicFoodieTour showcases a collection of the most mouthwatering meals and treats throughout the parks, and balances out the food content with fun Disneybounds.

Follow Bri on Instagram: @eatseemagic


Alex (@curlsfullofmagic)

Follow along with Alex to add gorgeous photos of your favorite Disney treats to your IG scrolling time — especially Mickey waffles. Her IG handle speaks for itself, too, as her curls are definitely full of magic.

Follow Alex on Instagram: @curlsfullofmagic


Ashley (@alittlemousetreasurehouse)

An annual passholder for Walt Disney World since 2016, Ashley is a creative soul from Miami — just check out the incredible handcrafted ears she makes! You can find anything your heart desires on her Etsy account, from an array of velvet ears with vibrant colors to pineapple or dinosaur print! Be sure to follow Ashley to keep up with her latest creations.

Follow Ashley on Instagram: @alittlemousetreasurehouse


Nia (@niakphillips)

Nia is a two time Emmy-winning producer for CNN's New Day (see their IG here) on top of being a Disney fanatic. Follow to see her artwork, park photos, and the great work she's doing within CNN.

Follow Nia on Instagram: @niakphillips


Erika (@erikaenchanted)

Follow Erika to flood your feed with colorful Disney content ranging from park photos, Disney treats and eats, and Disneybounds galore. This Disney mama has been part of the Disney community online for the past seven years, and her content only gets better and brighter as time passes!

Follow Erika on Instagram: @erikaenchanted


La'Tasha Richards (@gaw3000)

La'Tasha hopes to empower women through the content she creates. She's a lover of all things Disney and pop culture related, and shares that love through the amazing looks she creates as a freelance makeup artist.

Follow La'Tasha on Instagram: @gaw3000


Dominique Brown (@dominiquebrown)

As you can see by this perfect Piglet Disneybound shown here, Dominique is an expert at showcasing her Disney style. On her page, you'll find inspiration for your next Disneybound, as well as product reviews for fellow curly girls.

Follow Dominique on Instagram: @dominiquebrown


Kirsten (@magicalkake)

Disney is just one of the many fandoms that are close to Kirsten's heart — she's also big on Sailor Moon, the Harry Potter series, Charmed, and Tokyo Ghoul. In the world of Black Disney creators, Kirsten has been creating content for the past six years through her Disneybounds and participation in runDisney!

Follow Kirsten on Instagram:@magicalkake


The Rudes Family (@roadtrippinwiththerudes)

The Rudes started their vlogging journey when their then 5-year-old asked why they weren't seeing any families that looked like theirs on YouTube (see their channel here). Now they show their Disney trips and other family adventures on their IG and YouTube to show that Black families deserve to be recognized in social media spaces.

Follow The Rudes on Instagram: @roadtrippinwiththerudes


Bri (@_wideeyedwanderer)

If I could teleport my way into Bri's grid, I totally would. Her impeccable style and radiant smile instantly caught my eye, and the positivity she radiates through her posts is contagious. Follow Bri for fashion inspiration, words of encouragement, and of course, beautiful photos from within the parks!

Follow Bri on Instagram:@_wideeyedwanderer


Dominique (@worldofdomdom)

Dominique knows the dances to every Disney hit, and even performed on Main Street, U.S.A. when she was in high school! When you follow Dominique, you can expect to see her fun Disneybounds and some of her dance routines.

Follow Dominique on Instagram:@worldofdomdom


Samie (@findingsamie)

Samie is an avid Disneybounder, an advocate for social change, and a girl who sprinkles magic wherever she bounces to! Her grid is full of Disneybounds, character meets, and positivity in every post.

Follow Samie on Instagram: @findingsamie


Jerica (@medalsandtiaras)

Jerica originally created her IG account to hold herself accountable when training for her first marathon. Since then, she's connected with many other passionate runDisney participants, and acquired quite the collection of medals!

Follow Jerica on Instagram: @medalsandtiaras


Edward (@tim3lesz_disney)

Edward considers Disneyland to be his home away from home as a California native. He's also a badass animator, with hopes of breaking into the industry soon! Check out his page for artistic inspiration, park pics, and more!

Follow Edward on Instagram: @tim3lesz_disney


Dana (@lovedanakay)

Dana uses her platform to encourage and spread diversity in the Disney community, and does so with a smile and a pair of ears. Her favorite Disney character is Tigger, and you can find her cashing in all of her fast passes for the Haunted Mansion.

Follow Dana on Instagram: @lovedanakay


Mariah (@mariahlharrison)

For a healthy dose of #BlackGirlJoy, Disney style, and more, be sure to add Mariah to the people you follow. Keep an eye out for the many park tips she shares, as well as the occasional beauty hack here and there!

Follow Mariah on Instagram: @mariahlharrison


Morgan (@modismagic)

Morgan's Disney style is cute and trendy while still being easy enough for everyday wear! She truly loves sharing her adoration for all things Disney with her followers, and created this account in late 2018 to bring representation to IG for all of the Black girls who wanted to see other women who looked like them just loving what they love.

Follow Morgan on Instagram: @modismagic


Jennifer Borget (@jenniferborget)

Jennifer is a mother of three beautiful children and has created a feed that is full of ideas on how to bring the magic of Disney to life in your own home. She tries to provide an optimistic perspective in her posts, and is using her platform to celebrate individuality.

Follow Jennifer on Instagram: @jenniferborget


Lily Taliaferro (@justpixiedustdarling)

Lily is a Seattle-based Disney fan who is pursuing social justice and civil rights law. She's an avid collector of all the Minnie Mouse ears (she even makes her own!), as well as Disney themed mugs and bags. Plus, she's in love with mint juleps and the delicious Mickey-shaped beignets, and I think we could all use a little more of that on our feeds.

Follow Lily on Instagram: @justpixiedustdarling


Adriana (@bibbidibobbidi_broke)

Adriana is a true Disney budget queen who has dedicated her platform to help her followers save money in the parks while still getting maximum enjoyment out of their vacation. She also shares her Disneybounds and thrifting tips for anyone looking to recreate their favorite Disney looks without breaking the bank.

Follow Adriana on Instagram: @bibbidibobbidi_broke


Eryka (@erykasendlessmagic)

Eryka is the creator of #BibbidiBobbidiBlack, a resource for Black Disney creators, but she's also a curly hair guru and an inspiration for Disney style seekers everywhere. Follow her for natural hair tips and tricks, creative challenges, and her fun-loving spirit!

Follow Eryka on Instagram: @erykasendlessmagic


Nikki (@itsdarlingnikki)

Nikki created her page to express herself and her devotion to Disney, travel, pop culture, and culinary creations. And I have good news for anyone who's craving their favorite park treat right now — Nikki is recreating classic Disney recipies and sharing them on her IGTV!

Follow Nikki on Instagram: @itsdarlingnikki


Tiffany (@followtheyellowbrickgirl)

As you probably guessed from her IG handle name, Tiffany is a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz and everything relating to the film. She's also a huge Disney fan, and demonstrates the love she has for her favorite characters through Disneybounding and staying active in the Disney Community, which she's been part of since 2014.

Follow Tiffany on Instagram: @followtheyellowbrickgirl


June (@frosinfantasyland)

June created an incredible community for Black and non-Black POC to have a special place to connect in the Disney fandom called Afros and Pixie Dust (follow the IG account here and listen to the podcast here), but her personal Disney account focuses on her own Black Disney magic. Follow June for Dapper Day inspiration, Disneybounds, and family Disney content.

Follow June on Instagram: @frosinfantasyland