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You Can Rent Out Rapunzel's Cottage For Dreamy Vacations

Forget Disneyland; You Can Live Out Your Real-Life Rapunzel Fantasies in This Whimsical Cottage

Rapunzel's Cottage at the Charmed Family Resort is a dream come true for travelers with a love for enchanting vacation destinations. Created by couple Tyson and Audy Leavitt, Charmed Resorts is an addition to the family's luxury playhouse company that centers on the idea of bringing the brand to life in a more affordable way for families.

Charmed Playhouses began six years ago when Tyson started making high-end children's backyard playhouses with a clientele list that includes celebrities like Steph Curry and Ali Landry. They even had their own TLC show called Playhouse Masters! With everything from castles to pirate ships and treehouses — and some price tags boasting around half a million dollars — the popularity of the brand incentivized the family to open a resort where more families could enjoy the playhouses, and enjoy them on an even grander scale. "We really wanted our business to become more accessible to more people, like people of all budgets, and we actually couldn't even get back to all the people who wanted us to build them playhouses, so we decided to start Charmed Resorts," Audy told POPSUGAR.

"We would love for as many people to come and get away from the cares of the world and kind of escape into a storybook setting."

Located in the Blairmore area of Alberta, Canada, the resort currently has four cottages that are available to rent, starting at $285 to $330 a night, with one that's the most popular (and perhaps most magical) of the bunch. Rapunzel's Cottage is a whimsical escape that's just as dreamy as it sounds. "Everyone likes Rapunzel the best," Audy said, laughing, and it's easy to see why! Inspired by one of the fairy tales she and her husband grew up reading, this cottage pushes the boundaries of imagination. With a picturesque design, the rental is cute and quaint enough to charm anyone. Complete with interior details picked out by the Leavitts, Rapunzel's Cottage looks as if it came to life from the lines of the storybook itself. With enough room to sleep four adults and two children, the $330-a-night space is ideal for family getaways. Inside features nods to the princess with fairy-tale-inspired decor and a rustic woodland vibe that fits its woodsy setting, while the outside has a barbecue, fire pit, picnic table, and swing. It's the perfect place to reset, relax, and reimagine your destiny.

As for the rest of the resort, the family plan on building more cottages throughout the years. "My husband's dream is to have about 15 to 20 cottages at the resort we're currently at, and then open a resort somewhere else," Audy said. "His dream is to have Charmed Resorts spotted all throughout the world." With the success the resort saw this summer, this dream is not far off from becoming a reality. The upcoming cottages will feature ideas from guests, favorites from fans on social media, and inspiration from those closest to the family. From fairy tales to Shakespearean plays (there's a new A Midsummer Night's Dream-themed cottage!), the family have only just begun creating magic. "We would love for as many people to come and get away from the cares of the world and kind of escape into a storybook setting," Audy said.

You can book Rapunzel's Cottage here, and keep reading to get a peek inside.

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