I Tried the Viral Ziploc Bag Hack That Makes 2 Bags Out of 1, and I Probably Won't Do It Again

The viral Ziploc bag hack has been sweeping the internet for a few weeks now. While I'm normally all for anything that makes the day a little easier — especially if it means using less single-use plastics — this hack seemed too good to be true. So I gathered my supplies and put it to the test.

POPSUGAR Photography | Megan duBois

POPSUGAR Photography | Megan duBois

You only need a few things to try out this hack for yourself: a Ziploc bag, a heat source like a gas oven or stick lighter, and a sharp knife like a paring knife. You're also going to want to find a hard surface like a cutting board to cut through the Ziploc bag on.

POPSUGAR Photography | Megan duBois

After I gathered everything from around my kitchen, I took my stick lighter and heated up just the very end of my knife. Once the knife was heated up I carefully dragged it from the top of the bag where the closure is to the bottom of the bag in one smooth motion. To my surprise the trick actually worked and the bag resealed itself into two smaller bags that still worked just as well as the original.

POPSUGAR Photography | Megan duBois

While this viral hack does work, I probably won't be doing it very often in my everyday life. For one, Ziploc bags already come in snack-size options, so you could just buy the right size for what you need. Another reason is because it just seems a little frivolous, since so many snacks already come in prepackaged snackable sizes. If I really needed a bag this small I would try to find some reusable snack bags or small reusable containers to cut down on single-use plastics.

I will say, however, that this hack would be really great if you already have a box of large Ziploc bags at home and need to use them up for multiple things (or to just divvy up snacks among multiple kids). That way you could save money by not wasting large bags for small things and by making your stash of bags last a lot longer.