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Best Enneagram Gift Ideas | 2020

45 Thoughtful Presents That Match Each Enneagram Personality Type

Enneagram Type One Printable Wall Art
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Personality tests are an introspective way to learn more about oneself, and the Enneagram, a test which can be taken through the Enneagram Institute, identifies a total of nine basic personality types. At its core, this test gives people the ability to see themselves and others at a deeper and more personal level, which can help one's self-knowledge and relationships. Ranging from the Reformer (type one) to the Peacemaker (type nine), these descriptors dive into a person's main personality type along with subsections called the "three instincts," which is a set of distinctions that are important for understanding each personality. Although it's likely to see some of oneself in the nine personality types, this test helps to look deeper at each personality so the quiz-taker can see theirs more clearly.

While people can grow and change over time, their basic personality does not evolve as much, making this test more accurate. In addition to identifying four main traits for each personality type, the Enneagram also puts a focus on how each personality type copes with different feelings like anger and shame. This can help the person taking the test, as well as those around them, understand how they will handle something and why that might be. If you'd like to know more about your own or someone else's personality type, you can learn more about the Enneagram test here.

This holiday season, if you know anyone who is obsessed with their Enneagram type, whether they're a type one or a type nine, they'll be entranced by these thoughtful gifts. From a sweet-smelling candle that a Helper would adore to a customized coffee mug perfect for a four, these personality-specific gifts were made specially for each different person on your list. Take a look at the best presents for every Enneagram type, ahead.

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