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Extra Refreshers Booth at POPSUGAR Play/Ground 2019

POPSUGAR / advertiser content from / Extra Refreshers Gum

Source: Getty

We’ve partnered with Extra Refreshers Gum to show you that sometimes having a little fun can really bring people together.

With larger-than-life rainbow swings, incredible food and drinks, and photo ops everywhere you looked, Play/Ground was certainly a feast for the senses. Nowhere was that more apparent than at the Extra Refreshers Gum booth, where visitors could snap once-in-a-lifetime photos inside a confetti dome, be dazzled by impressive dancers, and more.

Looking back at Play/Ground, the Extra Refreshers Gum booth was more than just a dash of whimsy: it also served as a reminder that being having fun really brings people together. Read on to get a peek inside the fantastical booth.