These Fairy Pools in Scotland Look Like They're From an Actual Storybook

If you have even the slightest belief in the existence of fairies, I'd suggest heading to the Isle of Skye in Scotland. If ever you'd spot something magical, my guess is that it would be here. Glen Brittle is in the southern part of Skye, where lush green hills, craggy mountains, and rushing waters meet. Tributaries of the River Brittle run down from the Cuillin mountains into the large glen, and it's here you will find waterfalls known as the Fairy Pools.

The spot is a popular destination for travelers, and it's not hard to see why. There's something ethereal about the area, and the photos show just how unique of a place it is. Brave souls even dare to take a dip in the crisp pools; the clear green water is undoubtedly chilly but a tempting place to jump in. Take a look at the photos ahead, and fantasize about a place in the world where fairies may play when we're not looking.