10 Female Travel Bloggers of Color You Should Be Following

Everybody deserves to have a chance to see a person who looks like them out there in the world killing it in their field of passion. And sometimes it's easy to feel that with the lack of diversity and representation among influencers in the travel industry, a dreamer can ultimately be disheartened when someone doesn't have a positive role model to show them that it's OK to be who they are and to look the way they do in a foreign place.

Thankfully, there's a movement within the travel influencer community where women of color are making their way to the top and creating names for themselves within this space. These 10 blogs are run by incredible ladies who are doing their thing in the travel world and inspiring other women of color to follow in their footsteps.


Gloria of The Blog Abroad

Gloria runs The Blog Abroad and is a fabulous travel blogger who keeps it real with her followers about what it's like to travel as a black woman. She set off to Europe after college and never looked back. This has led her to visit 58 countries so far and work with many brands and tourism boards to show her followers new and interesting places. She's also written a book about her experiences and perfected the art of taking solo selfies that look like they're from a professional photo shoot.

Quote: "I'm here to inspire others through my journey of being a solo female traveler, pushing the envelope of what's possible, and creating the life of my dreams through a relentless pursuit and downright hustle."


Annette of From Annette With Love

This fashion stylist has created a movement through her blog and travels. After creating Fat Girls Traveling, her body-positive travel experiences have encouraged others to follow in her footsteps and push past the stigma of bigger women not traveling. She is currently on a year-long adventure through Southeast Asia and is sharing her journey through her blog and Instagram.

Quote: "I think that it's important for everyone to travel, but especially women of color. For most of us, we are the backbone of the family if not the community, so taking some time to discover the world and yourself is essential. It's also so important to see how other cultures live. Little things like having to go to a well for water, or even a river, and then having to sterilize it all before you can even make dinner. It's eye-opening and humbling. It's also very important that we are seen. Some of the place I visit, I'm the first Black woman that someone has met. Sometimes they haven't seen the melanin in our skin, or the braids in our hair in real life, only on television. Sometimes the things they see on television don't show us in the best light. But that's the only access they have."


Erica of Girl, Unspotted

Erica is based in the Philippines and features many beautiful locations on her blog. While mostly focused on her home country and other Asian hotspots, she also spent time in the UK and Ireland and writes and photographs those places too. Her Instagram is gorgeous and vibrant and will make anyone want to buy a plane ticket to Southeast Asia ASAP.

Quote: "As I grew older and traveled to more places, I have become insatiable. I aim to inspire girls and women to see the world too. That's why I started [my] blog: to share my wonderful experiences and priceless knowledge that I would have never learned in school."


Oneika of Oneika the Traveller

Oneika is a travel journalist who rose through the ranks from blogger to hosting her own Travel Channel web series, Big City, Little Budget. She's lived all over the world and has been to 101 countries. She focuses a lot on the subject of traveling while black so her followers can understand a bit more what it is like to be women of color abroad.

Quote: "Us women of color should document our travels so we can educate and inspire our sisters to go forth and make the world their oyster. Because, while travel media is rife with imagery and information that doesn't include or consider us, we're out here, living our best lives abroad. And the only way we can get more women of color traveling is to provide information and resources that cater to them and show them that international travel is not only something they can do, but something they should incorporate into their lives regularly."


Gabby of Packs Light

Gabby is an almost college grad who runs Packs Light while traveling the world. She recently spent a year abroad in Dubai (entirely funded by study abroad scholarships) and has been to 25 countries so far, so she's definitely making the most of her youth. She aims to show others that they, too, can be young and see the world by writing articles about scholarships and other millennials on the move.

Quote: "I cannot say enough how important it is for women of color to not only get out and travel, but to document their journeys. Whether through videos, articles, podcasts, photographs, or social media, share your WOC travel story for yourself, but also for other people. For the adventurous middle schooler who wants to show WOC living their best lives around the world and can use your story as reference. To show the older generations of color who claim that travel is too dangerous and discourage it that it is possible and enlightening. But mostly, for the girl who wants to study abroad or take a solo gap year abroad but is afraid of being the victim of prejudice for the kinkiness of her hair, the color of her skin, or simply being an woman. Represent her, and show her that we are out here, we are having fun, and we are unapologetic."


Bianca of Bianca Karina

This plus-size fashionista shares her outfits of the day and the stunning places she travels to in the world. As her number of countries grows, she shares tips and photographs from the places she explores, as well as her perfectly coordinated clothing style for every occasion.

Quote: "What's a curvy girl with voluptuous thighs to do? Write about it. As I documented my struggles and shared my experiences, I learned that I was not alone. There's a whole lot of people like you and me . . . As a 26 year-old biracial plus-size and engaged woman, I am coming to terms that it is OK to take up space. Right now I am allowed to enjoy every bite of delicious fluffy white bread-y carb. Right now, I am allowed to book a trip to the Maldives and swim in the crystal-clear waters in a bikini. Right now, I'm allowed to wear a crop top to the park and watch my dog play. Why? Because it's about damn time."


Crystal and Candy of Travel Pockets

This sister duo run Travel Pockets and share their experiences hopping around the world. They feature a great balance of food, fashion, pet-friendly places, vlogging, and beautiful photography. They also have great tips for travel in Japan, as they spent their youth there.

Quote: "We're sisters who grew up as military brats and spent the first half of our lives in Japan. The majority of our family resides in Japan, but we ventured out and have spent the second half of our lives mainly in the United States. We both love traveling and have always documented our travels, so we decided it was time to share our travel experiences with the rest of the world."


Diana and Hope of MVMT Blog

These sisters don't live together anymore, but they travel together often and document their adventures as a pair over on MVMT Blog. They're all about showing how you can make the most of your vacation days or time off from school to see as much of the world as possible.

Quote: "Given our somewhat nomadic upbringings, it is easy to see why we are most comfortable in foreign places."


Kiona of How Not to Travel Like a Basic B*tch

This blogger keeps it real as she talks about her adventures around the world, including discussions about cultural appropriation, privilege, and how to stay woke on the road. Her unique take on travel and the world at large is a breath of fresh air from the usual travel tips you can find on the internet.

Quote: "We believe that if more people traveled, the more humans would have mutual respect for each other and a greater appreciation for the things they have at home, making the world more about love and less about hate."


Briona of You Me Lunch & Travel

Briona is a traveler who writes a colorful blog as well running as a boutique agency to assist adventurers with everything from social media to trip planning. Her blog covers everything from tasty food to budget flights to the best accommodations abroad. She's also a poet and posts beautiful verse alongside many of her Instagram photos.

Quote: "I've made it my mission to put myself out there because I'm a blogger who actually writes #shade and we need more black voices and storytellers."