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5-Minute Journal Review

My 5-Minute Journal Has Made Me Into a Morning-Routine Person

5-Minute Journal Review
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / India Yaffe

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Mornings have never been easy for me; I would say I really come alive around 11 am. I am not someone who has ever jumped out of bed. If I had my way, I would sit for hours in bed doing a whole lot of nothing every morning, but my schedule doesn't allow for that, so I have to actually become vertical eventually. I have tried so many different morning wellness hacks to make my first waking hour productive, calm, and enjoyable, but nothing has worked quite like the Five Minute Journal ($29).

Here's what my morning looks like now; I wake up, brush my teeth, and open my journal. It's a great way for me to set an intention for my day, start with gratitude, and remind myself of what's really worth prioritizing. I find that when I write down my intentions, I really am more mindful throughout the day, and I use the nighttime prompts as a way to reflect on the good, and bad, parts of my day. It truly is a five minute (max!) commitment, and I have seen my gratitude levels markedly improve since I started using it. I am currently on a trip, and have only packed a carry on, so I needed to be intentional with my choices, but you can bet that my Five Minute Journal made the cut. If you've seen this product everywhere, now's the time to take the plunge.

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