Is It Friday Yet? These 20 Instagram Captions Give Off Major Weekend Vibes

The workweek can be a drag, so by the time Friday rolls around, most of us are ready to sit back, relax, and celebrate two full days of freedom. No emails, texts, or calls to answer to (hopefully), just some spare time for you to do whatever the f*ck you want with whomever you want to do it with. Whether you spend your downtime hitting the town, staying in, hanging with friends, or practicing self-care, there's an Instagram caption to describe that giddy Friday feeling — it's our favorite F word, after all! If you've captured a pic that's a total Friday mood and you need a good caption to accompany it, don't worry, we've gotchu. Check out the 20 Friday Instagram captions we've conjured up ahead.

Friday Mood: Free

Feelin' Fridaylicious

Let's Make Some Stories For Monday

Friday, You're a Babe

Me at 5:01 p.m. on Friday: Unbothered

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Happy Hour

You Know What Day It Is

Time to Switch to My Weekend Ego

Smells Like the Weekend

What Goes by Slower Than a Boring Movie? A Friday Afternoon

Preparing For My Friday Close-Up

Skipping Into Friday Like . . .


Our Friday Face

When 5 p.m. Hits

Friday, My Favorite F Word

Freaky Friday

It's a Feel-Good Friday For Me