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The Best Apple-Picking Instagram Captions For 2021

23 Apple-solutely Adorable Instagram Captions For This Apple-Picking Season

The Best Apple-Picking Instagram Captions For 2021
Image Source: Getty / encrier

As a native New Englander, there are few things I look forward to more than spending a chilly fall afternoon roaming through an apple orchard and taking in the fall foliage with my best friends or loved ones. From filling paper bags to the brim with apples to following the scent of fresh apple cider doughnuts through an intricate corn maze, apple picking never gets old. Of course, no day spent apple picking is complete without an impromptu photo shoot at the orchard to look back on during the nonfun (I mean, nonfall) months. Here are 26 cute and punny captions that are perfect for documenting your day of apple picking and basking in autumnal paradise.

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