This Harry Potter-Themed Cafe in LA Has a Notorious Black Latte — So Accio Broom!

Grab your broomsticks, LA-based Harry Potter fans! We've discovered a fun coffee shop for Potterheads to get their caffeine fix, and it goes by the name of Nimbus Coffee.

Located in the South Park neighborhood in downtown LA, Nimbus Coffee first opened its doors in June 2018 and welcomes all witches, wizards, warlocks, and even dogs to its enchanted property. Although it's not an official Harry Potter-owned property, its atmosphere sure feels like one. Filled with wizard celebrity portraits (the Albus Freeman one is too good), Hogwarts-bound trunks, and even a wall of magical wands, this cafe is an ideal destination for those with an imagination. Take an Instagram pic in front of its whimsical decor, and then open the menu to discover a list of magical drink options like the Mandrake Matcha (a spiced dark chocolate fudge and white vanilla bean matcha) and Witches Cold Brew (a coffee drink with oat milk, cold milk, and condensed spices), or order a sandwich or snack (like the Dark Arts Pop Tarts)! Due to COVID-19, Nimbus Coffee is currently only offering delivery and takeout orders, so show your support now and hopefully you'll be able to dine in their magical space when it's safe to do so.

If the sound of this coffeehouse appeals to you, have a look through the photos ahead. And if you're located on the east coast, take a look at this NYC Harry Potter-inspired coffee shop for a similar vibe. Now get to sippin'!

From the Outside, You May Think Nimbus Coffee Is Your Average Coffeehouse

But the Name Nimbus Comes From Harry Potter's Broom, the Nimbus 2000

And This Coffee Shop Is Anything but Normal

The Shop's Logo Even Looks Like a Golden Snitch

The Interior Style Is Modern Hogwarts Chic

Visitors Can't Resist Snapping Pics in Front of Its Cool Decor

Like This Mariah Le Strange Portrait

Or The Half-Blood Prince

And Let's Not Forget Albus Freeman

Taking an Instagram Picture in Front of the Levizzle Wand Wall Is a Must

And There Are Tons of Cool Drinks You Can Order

I Mean, How Enchanting Do Those Coffee Beans Look?

The Notorious Black Iced Latte Looks Out of This World

We Bet the Ginny Gingerbread Latte Tastes Amazing

How Good Does the Witches Cold Brew and Notorious Black Look Together?

The Orange Is the New Hex Is Just Plain Spooky

The Mischief Macaroon Potion Has "a Dash of Coconut a Hint of Vanilla" . . . YUM

Surprise! Nimbus Coffee Even Sells Baked Goods

Or This Delicious-Looking Cupcake

The Shop Often Has Magical Signs in the Front

Like This "Something Wicked This Way Comes" Sign

Or This "I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up to No Good" Sign

It Even Welcomes Creatures "Big and Small"

Like This Furry Friend

And FYI: Every Recipe Is a Potion

So Prepare For the Drinks to Cast a Spell on You

How Delicious Does This Coffee Look?

Plus, It's a Black-Owned Small Business — So Show Your Support!

Did We Mention That They Also Sell Merchandise?

How Cute Are the To-Go Cups?

Because Just Look at How Magical It Is

Cheers to This Whimsical Coffee Shop, We Can't Wait to Visit!