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Historically Accurate Disney Princess Artwork: TikTok Videos

This Artist Transforms Disney Princesses So They Look More Historically Accurate, and Wow


Please feel free to better educate me on Middle Eastern historic dress. #disneyedits #disneyhistory #historicalcostume #fashionhistory #digitalart

♬ Mad at Disney - Kae-Dama

While Disney hasn't really been known for historically accurate stories and requires a lot of suspension of disbelief, their classic tales lead to iconic fashion moments and costuming most people could spot from anywhere. But what would some of these famous Disney characters and princesses look like during the time periods their adventures are really set in?

TikTok user @msfashionbunny breaks down her research behind uncovering what traditional dress was like for movies such as Aladdin, Hercules, and Sleeping Beauty, highlighting the styles and juxtaposing them with the animated adaptations. Rather than look at modern glow ups, the artist goes back to the characters' roots and explores how history and culture played such an integral part in women's dress. The artist's TikToks follow her as she incorporates art of each woman's time period before digitally reimagining their popular outfits. The results are fascinating and much different than the princesses we all know and love. Keep reading to see them all now.

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