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Watch the Best TikToks of 2020

15 TikToks From 2020 That Currently Live Rent-Free in Our Brains


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♬ WAP(feat. Megan Thee Stallion) - Cardi B

While 2020 was a terrible year for almost everything, it was a great year for creativity, at least where TikTok is concerned. People flocked to the platform for everything from easy recipes and makeup tips to wild dance challenges and outstanding impressions. TikTok was also where plenty of celebrities found an outlet to interact with their fans and act out some of their previous roles or sing along to their hit songs. If it wasn't for 2020, we might not have gotten some of these near-perfect TikToks, like Jack Black dancing to "WAP" or the Jonas Brothers revisiting their Camp Rock days. Ahead are just some of our favorite TikToks from the year. Keep reading to see if your favorite made the list.

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