15 TikToks From 2020 That Currently Live Rent-Free in Our Brains

While 2020 was a terrible year for almost everything, it was a great year for creativity, at least where TikTok is concerned. People flocked to the platform for everything from easy recipes and makeup tips to wild dance challenges and outstanding impressions. TikTok was also where plenty of celebrities found an outlet to interact with their fans and act out some of their previous roles or sing along to their hit songs. If it wasn't for 2020, we might not have gotten some of these near-perfect TikToks, like Jack Black dancing to "WAP" or the Jonas Brothers revisiting their Camp Rock days. Ahead are just some of our favorite TikToks from the year. Keep reading to see if your favorite made the list.


A Refreshing Sip of Cranberry Juice to Fleetwood Mac

If there's one person that doesn't seem to be bothered by 2020, it's skateboarder Doggface, who showed us how there's a sense of calm in cranberry juice and Fleetwood Mac.


A Zambian Kevin Hart Look-Alike

Even now, there's still debate as to whether or not John, who goes by the username arabmoney44, actually looks like Kevin Hart or is just using a filter.


A Dose of Nostalgia With Ashley Tisdale

2020 was the year of movie reunions, and Ashley Tisdale continued the tradition with her version of the iconic dance from High School Musical. Costars Vanessa Hudgens, Bart Johnson, and Kaycee Stroh posted their own versions in response.


A Dance Crew Called the Basement Gang

It's hard not to want to dance along with the Basement Gang, which includes Kadeem Hemmings (@kadeemh), Nathaniel James (@nathanieljames1), and Nick McDonald (@nickk_mcdonald) — particularly when their dances are so high energy.


A Heartwarming Coming Out

For many this year, Jason Derulo's "Get Ugly" served as the soundtrack to their coming out with funny, sweet, and heartwarming results.


A Totally "Savage" Dance

Megan Thee Stallion had a big year on TikTok with "Body," "Savage," and "WAP" being top dance trends. The one that started it all was Keara Wilson (@keke.janajah), who created the dance to "Savage."


An Update on the Dougie

After mashup artist Tanay Ganga shared a remix of 2010's "Teach Me How to Dougie" by Cali Swag District with 2016's "Wakhra Swag" by Navv Inder featuring Badshah, thousands of TikTokers showed off choreography blending the Indian dance moves with the Dougie.


A Perfect Impression of Moira Rose

We couldn't get enough of Schitt's Creek this year, and that includes all the amazing impressions and costumes people put together in tribute of the show. TikTok impressionist Michael Judson Berry (@mjudsonberry) had a particuralry spot-on impression of Moira.


A "WAP" Challenge Worthy of Jack Black

We didn't know we needed Jack Black participating in the "WAP" dance trend, but we're glad he did. He completely committed to the essence of "WAP" in a way both Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion would be proud of.


A Jonas Brothers Reunion

If there was an Oscar for TikToks, the Jonas Brothers's re-creation of a famous Camp Rock scene — complete with wigs — would surely deserve one.


A This Is Us Version of "Smeeze"

The best response to the This Is Us version of the "Smeeze" challenge is a Twitter user's reference to Justin Hartley's dancing abilities, "He's too handsome to be this rhythmically challenged."


An Impression of Kourtney Kardashian That's Almost Too Good

Comedian Andrea Lopez (@andrealopezcomedy) has the answer to what happens if you watch too many episodes of Keeping Up With the Kardashians: you'll turn into one.


A "Dad" That Can't Help but Interrupt

Singer Sheena Melwani's take on scenarios where her "dad," who is actually just her husband joking around, interrupts her are too real.


An Absolutely Accurate Friends Reunion

We were promised a Friends reunion in 2020, but it just ended up happening on TikTok with look-alikes. We still have the official HBO Max reunion to look forward to in 2021 though.